Post 2029: hurt feelings…

The mockingbird continues to torment poor Dougy. His feelings are hurt!

“Awwww! I’m sorry Dougley! Can I make it better?” Dougy’s feathers are ruffled, so to speak.

>Purr! Purr!< Oh yeah, all is forgiven!

12 thoughts on “Post 2029: hurt feelings…

    • It looks like it will survive lots of maulings. (There are two that are identical except for color. That should help them last a bit longer, too!)

    • Thanks! I had a pleasant day, with a couple phone calls I actually was pleased to get. (There is an elederly lady who makes calls a local call-in program each day to announce the birthdays of local people. The Birthday Lady called me at home to find out if I’d heard it. Seems I gave her my cell phone number some time back whern I’d done something nice for her, and she decided to call me. We had a lovely chat. She’s a very sweet person, a local institution!)

    • Thanks! I had a very pleasant day. Dougy continues to work through things. He’ll get it eventually. He doesn’t hold grudges for long!

    • Dougy agrees. He might have to shoo it to France where da Phenny and da Nelliie can show him the best ways to KILL! KILL! KILL! the little bugger. (What he doesn’t realize yet is there are actually two mockingbirds, a fact revealed in Post 2030 today.)

    • He takes play seriously! When he catches it, he bites in in ways that tell me he’d be a terrible and very successful predator if I let him outside to behave in a catlike way.

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