Post 1561: Andy is wary…

You never know when that darn Dougy will show up and claim the recliner foot rest! Andy looks out till he’s sure Dougy’s not around.

A little grooming, more confidence in not having Dougy intrude on his peace, Andy slowly turns his attention to the single most important morning ritual after food and clean up…


…his cat nap!





21 thoughts on “Post 1561: Andy is wary…

  1. Adorable! Colette, Simone and the human.

    Thanks for following the most important blog generated from this house. Alas, the other two blogs are human but we are open minded and do make allowances… 🙂


    • LOL! Andy exhausted himself waking me up to feed him. Dougy showed up a little bit later, after Andy ate most of the wet kitty food. I replaced enough wet food to make sure dougy got his share. I didn’t see where he went to clean up and cat nap, but Andy still is on the recliner foot rest, sound asleep!


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