Are You A Crazy Cat Lady? Know The Symptoms

Well, Megan (author of this blog and Chester the tabby cat’s human servant, but not in that order), there is a male variation on this neurosis. Let’s call it “crazy cat guy syndtome”, which I recognized in your list specific to crazy cat ladies. I have two cats, so I must be at least twice as crazy as you!

2 thoughts on “Are You A Crazy Cat Lady? Know The Symptoms

    • I agree with Megan, the author of the blog, that “crazy” is not the best word to use, but I don’t know what else to call the syndrome: “obsessive cat [wo]man”?

      On the other hand, if held in control, by whatever means, having as many cats as the law allows (three in my town) is just the nice thing for cats and humans to do!

      I don’t think I’d want a third cat, though I might have accepted a third member of the boys litter at the time if one had been available. “Might have”…my boys get along fine, but their siblings apparently aren’t as sweet.

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