US governmental shutdown crisis

When I tried to understand the dysfunctional Belgian parliament a couple of years ago, my Belgian friend Anthony posted a video that made a very complex situation perfectly clear!

When I tried to explain the dysfunctional US Congress and the probable shutdown of the US government, yesterday, I realized my explanation for why he, Anthony, (and the rest of the world) should be concerned fell well short of a clarification.

Here is a pictorial explanation, Anthony, starting with the Democratic Party point of view of the probable US governmental shutdown crisis: viewed by Democrats

…as viewed by Democrats

There. Keep that image in mind when comparing the Republican point of view with that of the Democrats: viewed by the Republicans

…as viewed by the Republicans

Of course, there is a significant subset within the traditional (rational) Republican party, the Tea Party. Here is their point of view: viewed by the TPers

…as viewed by the TPers

There! Though it seems desperate, the three political elements of this crisis actually aren’t all that far apart in their respective points of view!

I hope this is more clear, Anthony. (As a guy who appreciates his maths, I hope you like how I threw in a little maths jargon for your amusement!)

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