Post 263: perils of co-signing

You may remember I had a bad experience as a co-signer, specifically the person I co-signed for failed to pay her $449.39 cellphone bill. I got stuck paying under threat of screwing up my credit history.

When I brought the bill to her attention, by facebook, she replied, by e-mail:

“Doug I’m sorry about this and I will pay you back we have had some financial setbacks but I promise I will pay you before Christmas.”

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The clock is ticking…!

7 thoughts on “Post 263: perils of co-signing

  1. Ugh on the co-signing. 🙁 Whenever I do such a thing…or “loan” people money…I’ve learned to assume I’ll never get it back…so i approach it that way…if I can help, I help, if not I just say I can’t help right now. Then when I do get repaid I’m pleasantly surprised! 🙂

    Happy Christmas to you and your furry-family! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • A blessed Christmas to you, too! As for the co-signing, it was the first (and very last!) time I’ll allow myself to get pulled into that trap! The person who owes me the money may think I’ll forgive the debt “in the spirit of Christmas”, but putting me in this position killed my Christmas spirit. Oops! Bad move, tootsie! That money could better serve the various organizations, including my church, that ordinarily get some small gifts from me at year’s end. My giving, however, was reduced by $449.39 this year.

      • Aw, yes it’s a shame that money couldn’t have gone to your church. I guess as they say, “we live and learn”. 🙂
        Thank you for the Christmas wishes! Warm blessed wishes back at you and your precious boys!
        Carolyn 🙂

    • Frankly, I’ll be surprised if i ever see that money again! Three people were on the contract, and, among three people, you’d think they could pay the bill. However, that presumes three of them aren’t deadbeats! I feel betrayed. If I just wrote about a friendship that was a blessing in my life (Post 262:: the gift), it was as much to celebrate a wonderful person as to remind me that there are good people in this life, no matter what this one turned out to be!

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