Post 272: simple pleasures

My cat Andy is, if anything, a terror when he takes something on. Watch as he vanquishes mere strips of paper, licking the first one, then killing the second one dead!


4 thoughts on “Post 272: simple pleasures

    • Both boys get a lot of play time out of paper. When I think of how much I spend on toys compared with what they actually like to play with….!

      Ha! I’m glad you enjoy the photos and videos. I enjoy posting them because they have an international fan club of sorts that includes people from many countries. Japan, Poland, Russia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, UK (Scotland and England in particular), Canada, and the USA are where most of their fans live.

      Of course, I also follow cats from all of those countries myself!


    • Own me? You know it! They are naughty-sweet cats. Andy amused me the first time I saw him because he looked like a crazed drunk Scotsman with his wild hair and kitten awkwardness. (Groundskeeper Willie on “The SImpsons” is sort of what I mean.)


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