Post 286: rut sweet rut

Yesterday Andy and Dougy had problems dealing with a deviation from the usual morning routine. I broke away from routine again today. They were not amused!

I usually feed the boys, then watch the news. I fix breakfast for myself at 6 AM, eat, then hit the computer and catch up on Facebook and all the blogs I follow.

Today I fed the boys, then hit the computer. Dougy was very upset. He sat by my computer chair and meowed over and over that I was in the wrong place, that I needed to watch the news! (Of course, while I watch the news, I play “feather toy” with him, so I guess I understand his anxiety!)


Andy came by and put his front paws on my arm, his way of letting me know I was off base for the second day in a row! He wanted to sleep on the end table by my chair, but (apparently) couldn’t do that unless I was there in the chair. Gad!

You know I stopped what I was doing on the computer and moved over to the chair to watch the news.

The boys settled down. I played “feather toy” with Dougy. Andy curled up on the end table. We were back on track, back in our morning rut, purring and happy again.

13 thoughts on “Post 286: rut sweet rut

    • They are magnificent when I let their hair grow. They look like mini-lions with that beautiful ruff of hair framing their faces. Their hair is silver at the base, and as the hair grows, the ends become darker. In consequence, when they move, they change colors from silver to black and back. It’s pretty to see!

  1. I think Andy and Dougy should be in charge of not just YOUR world, but the WHOLE world! 😉 😀
    With their sweet faces…and expressions…they could get anything they wanted outa’ ME!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • They rule me, believe it! I’ve had them since they were sick little kittens, so probably got in to the habit early of pampering them. They definitely got into the habit of expecting that sort of treatment! “Cats in China are supper!” I’ll say to them when they get excessively demanding, “My kind sometimes eats your kind!” (They note, “Ditto!”)

  2. I am chuckled because Ali is always upset when our routine changes too.
    When we are gone all day into the city to hubby’s dr at the va, and we come home in the evening, she hides under the bed and will not speak to us until hubby goes to bed.
    She does not like him out of her sight.
    Great shot of that beautiful face.

    • Thanks Andy photographs well, though he always anticipates the flash, makes a mean face, and looks like a toughy. Both boys are very sweet-dispositioned.

      I always get greeted at the door when I leave for any length of time. I get that “Where were you, and what did you think we were going to do for supper?” look that tears my heart out. Poor, chunky, little kitties! (I leave dry food out to carry them over; mornings and evenings, they get about an ounce of wet cat food per meal- it’s more a treat than a meal, but they definitely expect it, and expect it on time! LOL!)

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