Post 325: Andy’s doing fine, thank you!

He and Dougy both are slaves to their stomachs. Poor Andy! Even though he pretty much knows I’m going to give him medicine before I feed the two of them, he still falls into the trap of following me around so he’s always where I am when I prepare the cat food. Works out just fine: I can easily catch him for his daily dose of Benazepril!

I mentioned the “cat enchilada” method of swaddling a cat in a bath towel to make it easier to give the cat medicine. I meant “cat burrito”, though, honestly, there is not a great deal of difference. “Cat burritos”, I guess, differ in that they don’t need chile verde ladled over them. 🙁

Andy took his medicine like a big boy this morning, though he almost slipped out of the towel and got away at one point. Stuffing a “cat burrito” seems simple, but does require a bit of practice for consistent results.

andy on stand 1 27 feb 2014

After breakfast, the boys follow me over to the television where I watch morning news. Always. I’m as boringly predictable as they when it comes to routines. If they spoke English, we’d probably finish each other’s sentences.

andy on stand 3 27 feb 2014

Or talk about how Andy maintains his magnificent tail.

andy on stand 4 27 feb 2014

But more likely, he’d tell me to shut up so he could grab some winks on his light stand. Yeah, this is part of his territory, and it is deep inside the Dougy Republic.

The main thing is Andy’s doing fine, thank you!

8 thoughts on “Post 325: Andy’s doing fine, thank you!

  1. So glad Andy is doing well!
    He’s such a handsome fellow! And should be proud of his tail! 🙂
    You crack me up! 😀 Yes, I KNOW if Cooper could talk, he’d say, “Hush, Woman! I’m trying to relax here!” 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I love that tail! It feels good going through one’s hand, and I love the way Andy arches it over his back when you do it! I think he is very pleased with it himself! Thanks! I am glad to see Andy acting more like himself. I am hopeful the medication with serve the purpose.

    • That’s Andy’s best feature. When I pet him, I finish up with the tail, saying, “What a pretty tail! You are the pretty tail cat, Andy!” He curls the tail over his back in a handsome curve, and seems to understand what I’m saying (or likes the sensation…I don’t know). One of these days, when Andy’s in the best light and I have my camera, I’;ll have to make a short video of how he responds to “nice tail” comments!

  2. Perhaps Mr. Andy would prefer is meds in a Pill Pocket . I have never used them but my friend Kathy has an older kitty that is hard to get meds into and he loves them . Just incase Andy gets his slithery escape down to a science . That might be a thought for the future .. I think they come in different flavors . Is his medication in pill or liquid form ? With that big tail you want to watch out you don’t grab it when he tried to escape .. It might come off in your hand like a squirrels tail .. lolol ! Don’t tell Andy I said that ! ahahha !

    • Andy’s medication is tuna fish flavored and liquid. That helps. I’ve heard of the pill pockets, but don’t know anyone who’s used them. I’d like to know about other people’s experience with them in case I ever do have to administer medication by pill!

      I’ve heard of “degloving” squirrels’ tails the way you mentioned, and, yes, I definitely let him go before reaching for that pretty tail for that reason! It’s a point worth mentioning because that – grabbing for the trail – is just about what most people would do if they had an escapee on their hands. I caught myself just about grabbing Andy’s tail once, but, whew…! I didn’t do it!

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