Post 324: A video update from David & a great cat and kitten blog

There are days when I toss up my hands in despair…well, frustration, because I haven’t a clue about what to post. Today is just the opposite! I could do three posts very easily with what I want to do. I’ll combine two in this one, then work on the third one later.


David continues to do very well recovering from major heart surgery February 3rd. I think he looks and sounds amazingly great when you consider doctors split him wide open, chopped on his heart, put in a new part, then stapled him back together! No matter how delicate the operation actually was, it is amazing somebody said, “I believe I can…” and did come up with the protocol to repair hearts like David’s, in the way they did!

(I know he’s feeling a lot better because he wanders at first talking about things that are inconsequential when one knows our big questions are about that huge wound in his chest! 😉 I say that in a bemused way, not as criticism.)


I don’t get involved in blog awards because they have a chain letter feel about them. There are blogs, however, that are consistently notable for content, whether it be text, videos, or other elements like, well, extremely beautiful photography of some of the cutest kittens I’ve even seen!

The latter refers to one of my favorites: ThreeCatYard. I’ve attached a link to today’s edition. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to visit this and older posts to see how the two kittens, Rhea and Davout, captured my heart! Tell me you don’t want one of each after you see them in action! Impossible!

Especially cute in today’s ThreeCatYard is Rhea’s little cave where she’s been hiding out.

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