Post 326: Andy’s “gun”…

For those concerned with Andy’s health, know that he not only is holding his own, he’s in pretty good shape. Mrow!

Andy is a tough little guy. Check out his "gun"!

Andy is a tough little guy. Check out his “gun”!

6 thoughts on “Post 326: Andy’s “gun”…

    • How do you think he gets all those ear rubs? “Rub my ears or I’ll box yours!” He builds himself up with sprints through the house with his brother (the famous “antelope hunt game”!) and full body stretches. If you put your hand on his tummy (which he allows limited access to, unlike Dougy), he puts bear hug that makes you blink on that hand…with claws! Yeah, Andy has that sweet kitten look about him, but he’s a tiger!

  1. My vet told me Ali is obese because she is 14 pounds and yes, she has a couple of rolls but absolutely not obese. My vet just had a lap band last year and has become almost skeleton looking, so I am sure everything glooms fat to her.

    • She doesn’t look fat in her photos. In fact, she looks like a large cat to me, but not obese. Regardless, she is a sleek, beautiful black kitty, and I am, as I’ve noted, a big fan of black cats!

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