Post 333: “Stealth” isn’t Dougy’s middle name!

I caught Dougy preparing to hide on the doorway cat recliner. Andy, Dougy suspected, was in the guest bedroom. Hiding this way, he could catch Andy off guard. Yes, Dougy prepared for a game of “Chase the Antelope”, a favorite of the boys!

A problem, though: To tuck his head down low enough to be concealed, his big kitty butt ended up high in the air, thanks to the shape of the cat lounger.


Yeah, he could hide his face, but there was a second issue: I caught him in his game and started making flash photos. Game over! (Andy is sleeping on the washing machine in the bathroom anyway, Dougy.)

8 thoughts on “Post 333: “Stealth” isn’t Dougy’s middle name!

    • LOL! I did interrupt his thoughts by stirring his curiosity about what I was doing. Andy made good use of this diversion later, though he wasn’t even in the guest bedroom, where Dougy thought he was at the time of the photo. (When you get around on cat paws, you can be fairly stealthy! Andy often takes a longer route behind some chairs that are outside of Dougy’s line of sight when Dougy’s “hiding” on or near this cat lounger.)

    • The shot before this showed how he had his head low, but his big cat butt was like a mountain. It was very soft focused. That’s the risk one takes with grab shots in low light with these point and shoot cameras. Trip the “shutter”, and you wait a fraction of a second for something to happen. Usually “something” is your subject moves and ruins the photo! Ha!

    • Andy’s 10.4 pounds [4.7 kilos] and Dougy is 11.5 pounds or so [5.2 kilos]. Andy is “leggy” and streamlined, more like a Siamese in body form, but Dougy is short-bodied, stocky, more what you’d expect fro a Persian, which they both are. Ink definitely is a handsome cat! I love black cats (as you might guess…!), and Ink definitely is a beauty!

      • Thank you. My 2 big boys, Ink & Tsuki are from the same litter. Though Tsuki is orange. He is the biggest at 11.2 kilos and Ink is 10.4 kilos. Neither are overweight! The rest of the gang are about your cat’s size. They are all mixed breeds. 5 of my gang are black cats so you would like it around here. 😉

      • My late cat Louie (a ginger tabby cat) weighed 10.77 kilos.

        My late mother, who was in a care center when I got Louie as an adult rescue cat, got to see him a couple times when I took him over in a carrier so she could meet the new member of the family.

        After she met him, she’s ask how my cheetah was doing. I thought she was being ironic or making a joke (she had a great sense of humor!), but eventually realized she actually thought Louie was a cheetah because of his size!

        I didn’t realize domestic cats got as big as Louie until i had him, then I became aware of breed of cats that typically are that large.

        He definitely ruled the neighborhood, though I limited his outside time to when I could be with him. He took me on some wild walks…!

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