Post 576: sleeping in

How best to celebrate the return to standard time! We all slept in today.



Oops! I woke my sleepy boywith the flash. Sorry, Andy!

Oops! I woke my sleepy boy with the flash. Sorry, Andy!


Post 336: Daylight Saving Time…again. Rats!

I’m not a Daylight Saving Time fan. When I was working, it meant I spent at least two months a year adjusting to something that served no purpose in my 24 hour a day/three shift workplace. There was heavy energy usage 24 hours a day, and twice a year, jet lagged associates operated dangerous equipment with their circadian rhythms screwed up!

Now that I am retired, my cats decide when I get up, which further confuses the issue of “What time is it?” In a cat/ dog/ horse/ cow/ any-other-critter-up-to-and-including-human-children household, time isn’t regulated by a mechanical or digital timepiece, it’s all about tummy time: “Wake up! Wake up! Feed me! NOW!”

We should have saved that ancient rum for tonight, whiskers be damned! Argh!

We should have saved that ancient rum for tonight, whiskers be damned! Argh!

Yes, Andy and Dougy will wake me up when their little cat stomachs empty sufficiently to trigger the hunger button.

This is the “spring forward” season, right? Skip an hour ahead so that 2 AM tonight is 3 AM DST.

My cats reckon 3 AM is “feed the kitties time”, so you’d think I’d get their wake up call at 4 AM DST – or 3 AM standard time, if we didn’t mess with the clocks. That’s the time the boys sense it’s time to be fed – 3 AM – eh?!

Picture 251

I guarantee Dougy and Andy don’t grasp the concept. They operate of a “spring back/ fall forward” notion of time. Really! Born on July 1, 2011, the boys reckon standard time is what we call DST, and vice versa. Confused? No more than my cats: I’ll get my wake up call at 2 AM standard time tomorrow morning, when clocks should be set ahead to 3 AM for Daylight Saving Time.

Guess what? Come standard time next fall, when tummy time is 3 AM Daylight Savings Time, finally, the cats won’t give me that extra hour of sleep to 4 AM standard time. At least I think that’s how they handle it. All I know is the boys never let me have an extra hour of sleep at Fall time change!

Still confused? No more than my cats and me.

time change

I managed to outlast the cat brothers’ pestering to get me up till 4:30 AM today, a vast improvement over their usual results. On Time Change Sunday, it is especially nice that I actually got some extra sleep, something that rarely happens!

Fed and loved, the boys got right on the business of pestering each other. I think Dougy got a bit rough with Andy, though, because there was some loose hair on Andy’s back. Bad kitty, Dougy! Bad, bad, bad! He’s your brother!

Aw well, as soon as I talked with Dougy about his bad behavior, Andy started being mean to Dougy. Must be a front moving in. The chases continued for a good 90 minutes! No hair clumps or squeals, though. I think the boys recalibrated their play to reduce harm to each other.

Not too soon, either! All that running, and the boys were ready for a long nap. I don’t know where Dougy’s hanging out, but Andy’s asleep on the lid of the washer. Too pooped to climb into the drier, I guess.

Yeah, they are little angels when they sleep, little angels! At least Andy is. I better check up on what Dougy’s doing.

Dougy stopped by later to sleep by my hand.... Here, I massage his shoulder.

Dougy stopped by later to sleep by my hand…. Here, I massage his shoulder.

barely 9:20 AM, and I’ve done everything for the day

I tell you what, if you get up too early, your day’s over before it starts.

The cat boys woke me at 2-ish this morning. I got up anyway. Dougy made sure I couldn’t slip back into sleep by walking on me, then swishing his tail in my face. Then he jumped off my bed, put his front paws on my mattress, and stuck his face in my face. Cat whiskers get you every time! They tickle, man, they tickle! Andy hangs out by the door. His brother is the wake up maestro of the two, so he lets Dougy do the deed.

OK, I got up. I think the cats thought that meant it was “breakfast for kitties” time. I fooled them. I held out till a little before 3 AM, the usual time they eat. We aren’t starting a 2 o’clock feeding in this household!!! Andy protested; Dougy caught a few z’s. I caught up on some editing on this blog and tried to find a missing video file on my computer. I usually eat breakfast after I feed the boys, but 2 AM is not a time I feel like eating!

"Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine...!"

“Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine…!”

Andy and Dougy fed, I had to convince myself I felt like making something for myself for breakfast, something like pancakes or biscuits. I settled for peanut butter toast (with no jelly or jam); a new cereal that looks like someone ran out of a full serving of Cheerios, so they mixed in some granola; coffee; and a special treat of Clementine juice instead of cranberry juice. (Those who know me know I am very enthusiastic about these little Clementine oranges! The juice is a bit more tart than navel orange juice, which I prefer.)

Of course, even though they’d just eaten their breakfast, the boys had to come over and watch me make mine. Hint-hint! Andy tosses in some pathetic starving kitten sounds with his performance, which includes big kitten eyes and opening a cabinet door where, I guess, he’s looking for food. Maybe he’s just annoying me instead.

Regardless, there is a routine. Andy wants what I’m fixing, so I let him sniff it. He recoils in horror that anyone would want Clementine juice or coffee, but seems a bit too interested in the peanut butter toast. I have to pull the interesting foods back fast or have kitty whiskers on them. Ha! I never feed the boys human food, even milk, based on recommendations from their veterinarian, but Andy still begs while Dougy snoozes in the background “just in case”….

Dougy catches some z's while Andy bugs me for a past "feed-the-kitties" snack.

Dougy catches some z’s while Andy bugs me for a past “feed-the-kitties” snack.

I used up the last of the roasted coffee beans to make coffee this morning so roasted a batch after I had breakfast. The roast take 21 minutes for the darkness I like, and the little roaster makes a batch good for one large mug of coffee for three and a half days. I just roast one batch at a time because the fire alarms in my apartment are too sensitive. As it is, I turn on ceiling fans, the stove hood vent fan, and open a door to make sure roasting fumes don’t trigger the alarm. Tedious!

The 21 minutes the roast takes works out to be just right for the time I need to wash the dishes, which oftentimes include the previous night’s dishes and cooking vessels. It did this morning. Dirty dishes washed and dried, I start the day with a clean slate. That lasts a short time, of course!

When the coffee roaster completes the roast, the unit needs to cool down before I transfer the coffee beans to a container, then the beans need to rest till the next day to develop their full flavor. By 4 AM, this last business was completed, and I finished my tasks for the day! On to the computer to catch up on YouTube, facebook, and this blog. That’s done and it’s only 9:20 AM.

Tomorrow morning, 3 AM will come at 4 AM, thanks to the return to standard time. I’d love to sleep in that extra hour, but I suspect the cat brothers will wake me up at 2 AM again. They never get it straight: “Spring forward, fall back. Or is it Spring back, fall forward? These humans are crazy! Our stomachs say it’s ‘feed the kitties’ time. Wake him up!”