Post 346: Snow! Oh no!

I agreed to drive a veteran to Scottsbluff one sunny, warm day last week, a day very unlike today!

snow 3 18 2014

What did I expect? This is the forecast.

What did I expect? This is the forecast.

In a cliché moment in the front doorway, Dougy sees it’s snowing, again! Oh no!

dougy in snowy doorway 3 18 2014

Maybe this afternoon it’ll be better…!

Yow! I guess not.

Yow! I guess not.


Only later happy note, the guy I was to take to his appointment called the VA clinic and cancelled his appointment because of the weather!

I was not unhappy about that!

6 thoughts on “Post 346: Snow! Oh no!

    • Dougy is curious about the snow, but wants to come back in as soon as he remembers snow is another form of water. Ha!

      He has very thick fur so it takes a bit of doing to get him wet, however. I think he probably notices it on his nose or feet first.

      Andy is curious, but not so much as his brother. He’s a lot more cautious about what might be outside. I think his encounters at the door (through the screen) with the neighborhood tough cat known as TACO may account for that trepidation.

      Dougy is alarmed by TACO, but still very curious. “Let’s be friends, TACO!” That’s a Dougy approach, then TACO would rip his ears off or something. (Andy and I agree about TACO: caution!)

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