Post 901: quiet morning…

Any other day, Andy would have fits if he spotted Dougy on top of his favorite blue carrier. Not today. Guess it’s too early in the morning to be confrontational!andy and dougy

13 thoughts on “Post 901: quiet morning…

  1. I ended up adopting a Chihuahua. I thought I needed to socialise more so I decided for a canine. That doesn’t mean I don’t love cats! I still blog with everyone that loves animals.

      • I’d never heard of deer chihuahuas before. I see they tend to be healthier than other varieties, which is nice!

        I hope you take photos and post stories about your new buddy! Many people don’t like chihuahuas because they are yippy, but that’s not the dog’s problem, it’s poor training by the people who have them. Anyway, I’ve known some really sweet chihuahuas!

        • Yes, I will post photos. I’ve been so busy because I wasn’t expecting to find it. This dog was either abandoned or losr. It was infested with huge ticks and was seen all over the street for about a week. Everyone tried to catch het but it was impossible. She was barking histerically (and attempting to bite whoever got close) Finally, I coaxed her into a lobby with food, but she would still try to bite. Eventually, a security guard took a string and made a knot with a loop that closed when you pulled it, and that’s how I finally caught her. I looked for her possible owners in Facebook. No one has claimed her after 3 days. She’s 5 years old and follows me everywhere now. It has taken me 3 days in a row to get rid of the ticks.

          Deer chihuahuas are hybrid but they must weigh no more than 8 pounds to be considered to be “within” the Deer breed standards, although they are not allowed to participate in dog shows. They definitely are temperamental, but it’s all to get the owner’s attention; and when they bark, they do it for a good reason. Mine has not barked once. They are okay with apartments; one just has to have the discipline to walk them. They do have smaller bladders, so I do keep a pee pad around, just in case.

          • I can’t imagine anyone letting such a vulnerable animal outside without supervision. One wonders if it accidentally got out. At any rate, that’s one lucky dog that you are big-hearted enough to take care of her immediate and long term needs.The easy way would have been to turn her over to animal control and whatever fate that gave her. I don’t know if you followed me long enogh back that you saw where my sister’s tuxedo cat Sox turned up at a shelter after 10 months being lost, and she was able to reclaim him. Perhaps this pup will have a similar outcome! and

    • If I didn’t live in an apartment, I’d like a dog, but they can be a handful if you have disciplinary issues (barking, pooping in neighbor’s grass, whatever….!) We always had dogs when I was growing up, and my best buddy was Peanuts, a dog with a great sense of humor! He was a great dog!

    • LOL! Andy is a boy! That’s OK, I tend to think everyone else’s pets are male since both mine are. Anyway, there is something to your theory. They both like to get higher than the other.

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