Post 390: the screen door

Andy may have had a bad time closed between the screen and storm doors yesterday, but he put up a fight:

andy tried to get out

14 thoughts on “Post 390: the screen door

    • Andy is the screen climber in his family. I think Dougy is too big, so finds hanging by his toes uncomfortable. Andy is a lithe, a long, lean kitty, and has screen climbed since kittenhood. In this instance, he nearly became a stray…. All of us were distressed and stressed for different reasons after the incident, both cats and me. I think Andy may be more circumspect in future when around an open door, but, if not, I will be.

  1. I opened the door to get the mail. The mailbox is on the left hand side of the door. Andy always started on the right hand side doing whatever he’s been doing there, then worked left. I was looking toward the left when he slipped in on the right, I didn’t notice him, and he was trapped!

    I now know to look before closing the door, but Andy seems to know not to get trapped again by getting involved with the threshold. Or so I hope and think at this point. As noted above, I’m just needto be more aware of where both boys are when I am near the door for any reason.

    He definitely was scared by his experience. Neither he nor Dougy like to be held for more than a few seconds, but he set a record after this incident, letting me hold him longer than ever before while I stroked his head and reassured him. Poor kitty!

    • I put the glass window down till I can replace the screen. The boys will have to settle for less open door time till I get it fixed. They will miss out of fly season, for sure!

  2. I’d love to know if Andy has lost his fascination with the threshold now that he’s spent an hour up close and personal with it. Amazing how my cats lost interest in closets after being accidentally shut into one on a couple of occasions.

    • It’s a bit too early to say. I think he’s more wary of that door, for sure. Dougy’s been closed in my bedroom by accident, but that’s a lot less desperate than Andy’s ordeal. I just have to be more aware of where both boys are in future. I did wipe the threshold clean on the chance that’d reduce his interest, too, since he seemed to be smelling or licking it.

      • Fortunately, I had them microchipped at the same time they were neutered.

        The cat I had before them, Louie, was a very desirable cat (well-behaved in the house, handsome ginger cat, many things that suggested he’d been owned by someone who had raised him well – for example, he didn’t climb on counters).

        He was estimated to be five years old by his veterinarian when I adopted him from the local shelter, and I couldn’t imagine why or how he ended up there and no one ever claimed him.

        I finally had his veterinarian wand him for a microchip, to assuage my concern someone would show up one day and want “their” cat. He hadn’t been microchipped.

        That informed my decision to have Andy and Dougy microchipped a year or so later after Louie died and I acquired them. Since they don’t wear collars as inside cats, were they to get loose, I’d want to be able to prove ownership, of course, and the microchips, these blogs and my videos of the boys all establish that.

    • When I saw how ripped up it was on the left hand side, I’m surprised he didn’t. It was an all around harrowing experience for us all, it seems. Anyway, Andy and Dougy (less so me) are back to normal today.

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