Post 389: trouble comes in threes

Yesterday was rough. Bad weather, bad news in the mail, bad happenings.

I’ll spare you the weather talk. We Nebraskans love to “talk weather”, but who wants to endure another thought about recent Winter-like weather?

And the bad news in the mail is something like a piece of snot on the end of your finger you can’t flick off or find a Puffs® tissue to wipe it in. Someday, I might laugh about it, but not just yet.

But the last thing — bad happenings — involves poor Andy!

I recently posted photos showing how he’s become interested in something in the threshold of the front door, and how he sniffs or licks it from one side to the other.

andy sniffs air 3 4-25-14

[Andy, doing whatever he’s doing these days in the threshold.]

When I opened the door on the dour Winter weather we’re having here in Western Nebraska to take the bad news out of the mail, I didn’t notice Andy’d slipped in behind me and was sniffing or licking whatever he sniffs or licks in the threshold. Yep! I closed him in between the screen and storm doors, where he stayed for at least an hour.

I heard occasional cat meowing, but couldn’t decide where it was coming from. It was faint, so I thought it was outdoors. It continued. I still couldn’t decide where it came from.

I took some dirty dishes to the sink, then stopped to pet Dougy, who was stressed out about something and was pacing back and forth by the door. I finally realized the meowing was behind the door, and opened the door to find poor, frightened, cold Andy climbing the screen to try to find a way out of his mess.

2011-01-01 Andy in window and on desk 004

[Soon, Andy was asleep on his usual computer desk spot.]

I pulled him off the screen, snuggled him to warm him up and to reassure him, then gave him some treats to make up for his ordeal. Dougy was still frightened, and of me! I felt like bawling, I felt so bad for both my boys. And me, frankly. It was an awful day.

Within the hour, though, both boys were back into their routines, though Andy was a bit more of a snuggle bunny than usual, letting me hold him longer than usual. I may have shut him in between the doors, but he saw me as the one who let him out! Whew! Dougy quickly came around after he saw his brother was OK and I snuggled him, too.

You know what they say: “Trouble comes in threes.” Of course, there’s always “All’s well that ends well,” too.

4 thoughts on “Post 389: trouble comes in threes

  1. Ahh poor Andy and poor Doug. I think this was worse on you than the boys.
    Well I hope your threes in the trouble world are over.
    Ali decided since the sun was up at 5 am that it was time to jump on me and get me up to feed her.
    Sweet thing that she is.
    Sarcasm there.
    She is now sleeping and i so badly want to go and shake her awake.
    I am resisting temptation.

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