Post 412: Andy’s veterinarian appointment 5-21-14

Andy had a good report from his veterinarian today. Here’s a video of the appointment:

11 thoughts on “Post 412: Andy’s veterinarian appointment 5-21-14

    • I try not to show their faces, which may be part of it. I’ve made videos of other appointments, too, going back to when they were kittens. For that matter, I gave their veterinarian a coffee mug with Andy’s photo on it since Andy is a patient of his.

      • With a mug as pretty as yours, Maggie, you’d be a perfect subject for a coffee mug! Andy and Dougy’s veterinarian was pleased with the mug (I probably should give him one with Dougy on it, too… Maybe I will in time since I have that design on file with, the place where I get things like that made.)

        As far as that goes, I find it fun to have my coffee from a mug with one or the other boy on it, too). I have several older mugs with Louie the ginger cat on them, six different designs, I think, and it’s nice to have a souvenir of that great kitty, something to remind me of how much I loved that cat!

    • Yes, he did give me a look, didn’t he!? I am glad he was so well-behave at that. His groomer says that though he is well-behaved he gets bored and wants to wander off sometimes. Apparently the examination didn’t last long enough for that to kick in. The way his blood pressure was taken was a new one for both Andy and me. I think his dignity suffered a little there, which contributed to that look you note. 🙁

    • Yes, it was welcome news to learn he’d made so much progress! The hypertension in cats often reflects kidney issues, which, of course, is one of those cat things you have to keep on top of. On top of it all, even though he was a little growly when “talking” with me early in the video (before the technicians came in), he still was very well-behaved. Good boy! 🙂

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