Post 436: we’re adjusting, slowly

I don’t expect my brother and sisters to follow my cats’ schedule. I mean, I have no choice: They know where I live! But my siblings live real lives elsewhere. This is a temporary situation, where my cats stalk them at night, jump on their beds, maybe make a racket hopping onto a favorite windowsill to view the nighttime outside the apartment.

I, on the other hand, expect this constant assault on my sleep. Dougy pounces on my bed, then hops up to walk on me from foot to head, head to foot to let me know it must be time to feed the kitties! (He has a good sense of this mythical time, after all, and it something like what you humans call 3 AM!) Andy just sits on a high place and stares at me. Also an effective strategy since one starts to feel watched when one is, well, watched!

So, struggling out of bed, stepping on the favorite string toy Andy drags around the place and leaves in random places, I begin my day.

You think the shot's out of focus, but this is a realistic representation of how the world looks when the cats get me up. A "before I can focus my eyes" shot

You think the shot’s out of focus, but this is a realistic representation of how the world looks when the cats get me up. A “before I can focus my eyes” shot

I’m used to finding Dougy waiting in his favorite salmon-colored tub for the day’s play to begin. He’s always “up” for play, believe it! He’s in kitty paradise with four people willing to play cat games with him. Thanks to the new toys that even Andy likes, the boys eventually tire out and take a nap.

Sounds like a good plan. A nap….

But first, gotta grind some beans and make some industrial-strength coffee to get my plane off the ground. Oh, yeah, and catch Andy to give him his yummy tuna-flavored medicine. At least it’s supposed to be yummy, but I guarantee he makes a face.

10 thoughts on “Post 436: we’re adjusting, slowly

  1. Now you know they allow us to live with them. We do no town the house or apt. we live in, they do. They also own us.
    When we have company they have to b warned ahead of time who the boss is.
    Haven”t you learned that yet? :mrgreen:
    Ali got a new cat nip toy and got a bit stones on it last night and was flying up and down the bed all night.
    If I am not her victim hubby is, and he needs his sleep more than I do, so I put up with the pain in the -errr-th princess.
    The princess does not even wait for coffee and she knows mama is not even human til at least one cup of coffee.

    • I just said something along this line in the last comment above! Ha! You are absolutely right, and NebraskaAnn’s new kittens seem to be making the point to remind her again when they turn her bedroom into their nocturnal playground. 🙂 Dougy did his usual waltz on top of me this morning, trying to get me to get up. He’s added vocalizations (really irritating and long ones!) to his repertoire this week, which are, I admit, effective! On the other hand, I added my own irritations to mine, thanks to suggestions above from Oldcat. Dougy “loved” the snuggle on his back in my arms and my tender baby talking. I think he lasted at least 10 seconds before be wanted down and out of my room! I hope this is a new path forward to sleep!

  2. So appropriate after last night. The kittens woke me out of a sound sleep when they decided to wrestle near my legs. The continuing pin pricks of tiny claws kept me awake. They took off when I got up to watch some TV and, like a flash, were back with me when I went back to bed. (I think they were napping before Round 2.) I would have shut my door, but they’ve learned to rattle them. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I have visitors. (You can see Buddy and Lola at my site. There’s a page in the menu introducing my new staff.) BTW, I see birthdays coming up. Taking the boys to Disney World?

    • Disney World! LOL! But they might like Safariland, eh?! I’ll check out the newbies after I finish here. The kittens sound like baby versions of my holy terrors. I started the treatment suggested above by Oldcat, who has her hands full with her new kittens, Rhea and Davout. (Take a look — they are beyond beautiful, really special cats! Also Rhea is a disappearance artist at this point, something I haven’t had to deal with. Dougy might wander off if I didn’t watch him closely at the door, but so far, so good!) I think all of us cat people know that they are much more clever than we in many respects.

  3. Many years ago, I had cats that woke me up for food. I used to cuddle them tight and talk baby talk to them instead. So they learned to keep their distance until I woke up, and sit quietly on me until I got up.

    It was apparently so horrifying that subsequent generations of cats have learned the rules from their elders and I haven’t had to train any new cats!

    • It sounds like a winner to me! Andy and Dougy prefer not to be held much. As for baby talk, I’m sure I could turn it on if it meant longer sleeping hours for me!

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