Post 450: up all night

I rarely have it happen, but tonight was one of those rare times when my mind kicked into overtime and kept me up all night.

It started with a review of every boss I ever had. What!? I’ve had a few, some wretched bastards, most OK, one or two exceptional and inspired leaders. Of course, my brain focused on the wretched bastards and every single thing they ever did that upset me! Hey, I was surprised how much suppression my brain works under!

Andy at two months of age.

Andy at two months of age.

Yep, those people are history, out of my life, dead or dying, hit with fate’s fickle finger, basically taken care of by the vicissitudes of life. That is, my brain needn’t work up any more terrible and tragic things to happen to these people who don’t exist in my life anymore. Let it go, brain!

I tried thinking a positive thought or two, side tracking the brain from its endless focus on negativity. Tomorrow, for example, Andy and Dougy turn three years old! The Big 3! That’s fun! And my brother and I decided we’d celebrate the birthdays by ordering Blizzards at Dairy Queen. No fun for the cat brothers, granted, but they truly don’t care about birthdays. I’m convinced of it.

That helped.

Then I decided I might as well just get up and hit the computer, maybe write my post for the day, though I have little or nothing to write, unless you enjoy ready brain revenge fantasies about people you don’t know! Probably not.

Besides, when I get into this mode, I come back to one of my favorite quotes, something that is a healthy slap back to reality:


Oh, this blog is about retirement and two cats. Did I mention Andy beat the crap out of Dougy yesterday morning? Bad boy! But they were best buddies and best brothers forever by later in the day. I think it was a dispute over Dougy’s wanton use of Andy’s favorite place to lounge by the front door. Dougy yowled and hissed even. No blood, though. Andy got his point across…for now!

3 thoughts on “Post 450: up all night

  1. Andy si absolutely adorable and I assume his brother looked pretty much the same.
    No wonder you loose your hearts to those two, especially when they were kittens.
    Ali was a rescue that a woman in the newspaper had to give away and our old cat had passed away a few months before at the age of 14.
    I didn”t want another but hubby did, and we called about the kitten in the paper and when I saw her I wads not impressed.
    She was 3 month sold, skinny and had dull fur.
    She took one look at hubby and was in his arms, and he named her his Ali.
    She was full or ear mites and fleas and spent three days at the vets with stomach parasites.
    Little did I know she would become the beautiful, sweet natured girl she is today and she is 4 years old now.

    • My cat Louie died August 1st of 2011. When I picked up his ashes at the veterinarian’s, one of the technicians brought out this little furball with crazy hair and the look of a drunk after a week-long bender. She put the kitten down on the desk, he ran toward me, and…well, here we are, Andy and Dougy hours away from their third birthday anniversary! It’s been rough (the boys were sick when I got them, too, with an intestinal parasite), but they, too grew into the handsome creatures they are today. Dougy came to me because he and Andy played so well together when they were in the clinic with their littermates (another brother and a sister). The technician whose cat is the boys’ mother knew I was planning on finding a companion cat for Andy, brought out Dougy for a look, and it was a repeat of my first experience with his brother! Aw! There was no doubt I wanted both by then.

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