Post 451: Happy Canada Day…and Happy Birthday Andy and Dougy!

Let’s get this straight: Canada came into being before my cats, so, technically, it’s Canada’s “birthday” first. Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Pop a few, though, in celebration of the other significant July 1st event, my Persian cats Andy and Dougy’s third birthday!

My Seattle sister sent this greetings, which, I hope doesn’t self-destruct after a time:

There aren’t any wild plans for the boys’ birthday — they’re cats for goodness sake! — but I will try to be extra nice to them, to overlook Dougy’s bad habit of scratching on furniture when there’s a scratching post one cat length away, and to remember Andy’s sometimes moodiness hides a sweet kitty heart.

Happy Birthday, Andy and Dougy! You captured my heart when you were kittens and are a continued joy every day! This is your day! (In “people years”, Andy and Dougy now are the equivalent of 28 years old.)

The birthday boys!

The birthday boys!

10 thoughts on “Post 451: Happy Canada Day…and Happy Birthday Andy and Dougy!

    • The boys thank you, Ruth! They also agree with me that Ali is also one of the top prettiest cats on the www. I think it is their bias for black cats in part, but anyone can see your cat and moine are just plain beautiful!

    • 😉 My priorities yesterday focused south of the border on two cats, but it is fun having a holiday associated with a personal event. Works great as a mnemonic device for one, though July 1 isn’t the hardest birthday in the world to remember. LOL!

    • The boys got extra Greenies and Andy (who tends not to be as playful as Dougy) got lots and lots of play time today because I managed to find two things he wanted to play with: a commercial toy that mimics a centipede and a simple piece of tying string, something I’ve never tried out as a cat toy before. He especially liked the string!

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