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I’ve had Internet issues since June. Twice, I replaced the dual signal splitter, which seemed to help for a short time. Two days ago, though, I had a major failure to connect with the Internet, and (surely not the dual signal splitter…again!?) I decided it must be related to the Norton security programs.

Don’t ask  me why. Frankly, when you’ve run through the unplug-wait-replug-then-try-something-else process with the cable company’s automated troubleshooter system three, four items, you start to think maybe something else is involved. The cable company’s solutions didn’t work.

Just don't make it too much fun or they'll think you are thanking them...

Just don’t make it too much fun or they’ll think you are thanking them…

So, I spent most of the day on my cellphone talking with Norton’s technical support guy, only to run up against his suggestion that it might be cable-related afterall. (I probably said my favorite word then, but I was exhausted after hours of getting nowhere. I don’t remember.) So, I tried the cable company again.

After doing everything I’d already done dozens of times in the past two months, with some positive results for a short time, this time I ran into a big nothing.  I finally got a human being on the line by saying cues words not suggested by the cable prompt. You can imagine, I’m sure, if you’ve had cable or Internet issues just which words I used.

Of course, I kept my head on straight, and the problem soon disappeared.

Of course, I kept my head on straight, and the problem soon disappeared.

The cable human ultimately decided the problem was my modem since the signal made it that far, but not to my computer,  which has a wireless connection to the modem. She said something about “time out errors” and how 10 in two hours might be acceptable.  I’d had 38 in less than two hours. Would I like to schedule a technician to visit?

And that’s where I am now: Waiting for James the cable guy. I got the confirmation phone call, and notice that he’d be by between 3 PM and 5 PM, as established two days ago. The 3 PM hour arrives in 30 minutes. 🙂 I am hopeful. Right now, I have to switch the main coaxial connection between the television and the modem, not that I can watch television and work on the computer at the same time. I pay $155 and some odd cents a month for television and Internet combined, so this little process isn’t one I intend to tolerate beyond today.





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  1. Oh, I’ve got tears in my eyes – that picture of yours sent me into one hysterical laugh I had trouble calming down!!!!! O_o
    But seriously, I used to have Norton, then another one and now McAfee. First we bought it and then when we switched to U-verse, it came for free and I’ve been quite pleased – surprisingly so, but pleased.

    • I’ve used several, including Norton. My main issue with the other providers was cost and aggressive marketing. I think it would be cheaper to take out a contract on hackers and malware makers with that money, but I understand murder or contracting murder each has its own limitations. 🙂

      • But, McAfee is free if you U-verse and there are other free securities on-line (my brother-in-law uses them) you might try, I don’t know how good they are. They malware thing is very good too.

      • I have used Microsoft Security Essentials for a long long time now and have never ever had a problem with it. It is also free. If you remember to do a scan once in awhile it works like a charm. I have heard some people saying that the Microsoft Security Essentials is not going to be supported in the future but I have also heard other stories telling me that is not true. It is still installed on my computer and is still working fine and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

        Now I understand that only the Windows XP operating platform will be abandoned by Microsoft Security Essentials. I have Windows 7 Home Premium and it is still working like gangbusters for me.

        There is also “Windows Defender” which is also free if you are interested. You can read a little about that one here:

        • I have the same OS on mine. Mine came loaded with the Norton products, so was what I’ve used most of the time I’ve had this computer. Two others were used briefly. One apparently was bought out by Norton after I subscribed to it because I ended back on Norton when I subscribed to it.

        • Actually, the Microsoft security programs are also on my computer, just not activated. I imagine they are dated versions since I haven’t used them. The Norton programs update automatically, so I do have their latest versions. The security issue proved not to be the problem I dealt with, however. It was related to the cable mechanicals.

  2. For what is worth: I use wireless Internet exclusively. My Internet Service Provider is Blue Mountain Internet in Walla, Walla, Washington. My cost is a total of $79 per month. I operate on nothing but a wireless modem that runs off the power from local Sprint Towers. I have a soft cap on data of 30 Gigabytes per month and I rarely go over 10. I stream no music or video and all I do is blog, surf and some business. In the couple of years I have been using Blue Mountain there has only been one problem and it was resolved in less than a week by them sending me a new modem. I have stripped my computer of all unnecessary programs and I run with java script and images turned off except for certain selected sites. I am a happy camper. Just thought I would share in case any of this might be interesting to you.

        • I’m not sure how I go about this here, but I’ll let you know if I work something up. My biggest concern is technical support if there are any issues. I know most of what I know about computers and the vicissitudes of having them because of issues that came up at one time or another, but I depend too much on this dang machine for money management to be without it for any length of time till problems are resolved.

          [I’ve since found Verizon is a provider I know is here in my town. AT&T, another provider, is, too. I’ve some experience with both companies. I’m asking around for personal experiences with these providers in this area.]

          • I have discovered that Verizon is a powerful wireless provider but I think their cap is somewhat small at around 12 GB at most and for my purposes that is just not enough because it makes me work too hard to try to keep a lid on my usage of data. But for people with smaller requirements than mine I am sure it is a great provider.

            AT&T has a thing called “U-Verse” which seems to be taking the country by storm and I am sure it is a good deal but I have heard folks complaining that it is difficult to get customer inquiries answered. I do not know, however if any of that is true or not.

        • Since I do make video, I probably would be an issue from time to time.

          I spent most of yesterday with a virus that strayed into my computer through a memory stick with some files I helped a friend by printing out. (Or, I think that’s what happened…!) I didn’t have the right program to open on file, tried to correct that, got tangled in a nightmare of pop ups and offers not related to the program I was researching for costs and level I could afford. (A $299 full version seemed a bit much to open on item to print it ten times for my friend…! Even a limited version was a budget breaker for how often I’m likely ever to use it.)

          I’m sick of computer issues at the moment, so know I need to take some deep breaths before I commit to any major changes in providers or services to improve what I have. At this point, that said, I barely have my computer cleaned up and working properly again after six or so hours of hell, and I’m leaving things alone for a while till I’m up to the challenges of change again.

    • The cable guy just finished up, and things look good. My cats were positively enchanted, and watched him the whole time, even though it was their supper time and the food was out. Andy just started supper, and Dougy is checking things out in case he has to mark his territory with scratching again. I’m glad the boys are tolerant of outsiders coming in, and they always just show lots of interest but no fear.

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