Post 517: smile! :)

Caturday is on us once again! I decided you need to see the boys for a change. They are days away from their next grooming appointment, and look as much like the Persian cats as they ever do, with long, beautiful hair that is soft and pleasant to stroke.

Of course, they aren’t in the mood to cooperate. Both ran to bad places for photos: dark, dirty, cluttered places that serve two purposes, both to thwart pretty pictures of the boys looking as sweet as I’ve ever seen them.

They are beautiful cats! But they are like everyone else in my family. No photos, please.

Here’s Andy:

Yeah. By the dirtpot where I was growing grass for the boys. The grass is long dead, so it isn't a very seemly foreground for Andy.

Yeah. By the dirtpot where I was growing grass for the boys. The grass is long dead, so it isn’t a very seemly foreground for Andy. 

Crop the hell out of it, and be happy his eyes are open, at least. Never mind Andy's giving his mean kitty look, you know, "Cat from Hell".

Crop the hell out of it, and be happy his eyes are open, at least. Never mind Andy’s giving his mean kitty look, you know, “Cat from Hell”.  He’s actually very sweet-natured, a bit shy.

That left Dougy. Maybe Dougy’ll cooperate today. Probably not, but…!

well, he found the messiest corner of the apartment to plop down. Or one of the messiest. And it's dark there. "Black-cat-in-the-coal-bin-in-the-basement" dark.

well, he found the messiest corner of the apartment to plop down. Or one of the messiest. And it’s dark there. “Black-cat-in-the-coal-bin-in-the-basement” dark.

That's about the best look at Dougy's coat I've captured, but he's hiding his beautiful orange eyes! Of course.

That’s about the best look at Dougy’s coat I’ve captured, but he’s hiding his beautiful orange eyes! Of course. His ruff is magnificent!

Dougy told me to tell you he’s not fat, he’s fluffy. Really.

So much for the cats on Caturday. Andy just came back over to the computer and he’s looking cute, cooperative, and…DRAT! He just ran off again when I raised my camera!

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    • Actually, both prefer not to be held too long, but you can pick them up and do just what you feel like doing: They are soft and fluffy! Andy will let you hold him the longest if you hold like a baby in the crook of your arm. Dougy prefers to be held with his front paws on (digging into) your shoulders. He panics if held on his back.

  1. They really are beautiful when they are in full coat! I understand why you take them to be groomed though. I honestly took 87 pictures today to get about 12 I will use in posts. All the kids turn their heads, stop playing, lie down and pout or just plain run away when I get the camera out. Not fun when we are trying to post cute or fun pictures for sure 🙂 Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having!
    Marty’s Mom

  2. I’m glad Dougy can’t hear me say this, but he is looking a bit portly.

    The reason is they say that cats don’t understand what you say, but I beg to differ, they do.

    I took my cat Rupert to the vet who gave him a thorough check-up, including a thermometer up his rear end. Rupert was as good as gold throughout. It was quite amazing, as if he knew it was for his own good so he would tolerate all the humiliation.

    Then the vet said well that’s about it and made a wisecrack about Rupert being a bit overweight. At which point Rupert who weighed 8.5k but was only slightly overweight as he was a very big cat, underwent a sudden transformation from a docile and easy going cat into a furious wildcat. He reared up on his hind legs front paws with claws all stretched out and growled, hissed and spat in a rage just like a wild cat would do and the vet not only jumped up in the air but back at the same time with his arms in the air looking as is if he had the shock of his life saying “Oh my God”. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. It was even funnier because the vet didn’t see the funny side of it.

    I had no doubt Rupert knew exactly what the vet was saying, as Rupert had proved so many times he understood exactly what people were saying. He was such a character.

    • I am concerned about the boys’ weight, and that’s always one of the things I ask their veterinarian about when I take them in for their semi-annual check ups or any medical issues that come up in between regular. visits.

      Andy is a slim built cat, and my usual worry with him is he’s too thin. He is lighter than DOugy, and has been since they were about 500g-sized kittens.

      Dougy, on the other hand, is shorter-bodied, stockier built. Though he looks fat in the photo, he actually is just fluffy!

      The boys are on an indoor adult cat controlled calorie food recommended by their veterinarian because I am concerned about their long term health. Their weight (and the doctor’s assessment that they are within normal range for their size) hasn’t varied since the reached adult size. After they get groomed on Thursday, they will look scrawny, unless their groomer leaves their hair a bit longer than usual for the coming season.

      Of the two, though, Dougy is the one I think could become porky if not watched. They are three years old now (as of last July 1st), so are headed toward that time of life where they could very well become less active and fat, even on the proper calorie-controlled diet.

  3. Great photos of your beautify-eerr I mean adorable-err pretty-err handsome-yes that”s it handsome boys.
    Ali is waving a paw.
    I am moved into the new apt and the cable guy came today instead of saturday and hooked everything up.
    I also have Ali home and she is doing so well the vet is weaning her off of the steroids.
    She has even started playing again.
    Have a good day tomorrow.

    • Great news on Ali and the apartment! Two major issues out of the way! I know you still have lots on your plate to deal with, but it’s great your son can be there to help out. I imagine your doctor (and Tim’s!) both agree it’s better you take it a bit easier than you have been, too. That said, have a great Sunday, Ruth! Mine is just a bit better now knowing you all are starting to see some relief. Hey, it sounds like Ali can become a full time pal to Tim again, too, which will be a big help!


  5. Your little fur-balls are cute and clever! My dogs love the camera but are always so excited about me taking their picture that they cannot stay still giving me a hundred blurred shots to one or two good ones. Thank God for digital cameras as no film is wasted! Your cat buddies are very beautiful and it is easy to see why they have claimed your heart! Have a wonderful caturday! Blessings and peace to you.

    • Too cute and too clever by far…! How true about digital cameras. I toss most out because of the blur. Unfortunately, they look best in natural light. Their coats reflect light oddly, depending on intensity and angle of the light. Though I think of them as “black cats”, they actually are very subtly marked. Their father was a Birman cat, which shows up as darker legs and face patterns typical of that variety. Their mother was a Persian with tabby markings. She is kind of a brownish-reddish cat, and some of that reddishness shows up in the boys’ coats, too. Anyway, thanks! Hope you have a great day, too!

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