Post 552: catch up day

Yesterday was a horror. Today is a day of catching up with whatever was set aside to get through yesterday. So, I cleaned the boys’ fountain; washed a week’s worth of my dirty clothes; cleaned up yesterday’s dirty pots, pans, and dishes; collected the trash; cleaned out and refilled the boys’ litter boxes; tossed the trash in time for it to be picked up (earlier than usual, so I barely caught them this week! whew!); finally pried Andy off of the cat tree so I could give him his medicine; fed the boys, adding the Lysine to their wet food to help build up their immune systems. All that.

On the other hand, Andy watched birds, ate, took his medicine (under protest and after a long resistance to the capture), and took a nap.


Dougy pretty much did the same things as Andy, except for the medicine, then he hopped up on the mini-stereo and watched me for a few minutes. I was fascinating.

Now, I think I’ll finish washing my clothes, put them in the dryer, go into the front room, put my feet up on the ottoman Dougy claims as his own, and let him have a hissy because I don’t move my feet when he stops by. Sometimes the human has to put his foot down to cat tyranny. Or up, as the case might dictate! Dougy will be pissy about it, so I’ll move my feet enough so he can share the ottoman with me.

Later, we’ll play wand toy games, the boys and I. We’ll have fun, then take a nap. Guaranteed!

27 thoughts on “Post 552: catch up day

        • The boys tend to wake me up at 3 AM, so I start my clothes washing around that time, too, since it’s just the cats and me here. Nice part about that is I usually have this tedious chore done before I fully wake up. Ha!

          • OMG! I will totally function like a zombie for the rest of the day if I’m up doing laundry at 3am. But yes, I remember more than 1 friend with cats who have mastered the art of sleeping with the cat sitting on in the dark of the night!

          • It can be done. Before I got Andy and Dougy as kitten brothers, I had a large (10,7k) tabby cat named Louie. When Louie wanted to get me up, he used several subtle tricks, and a few outright brutal! Subtle: he’d sniff my face, tickling me with his whiskers; he rubbed against my face; he put his tail end in my face (which usually got me up right away!) Brutal: He’d walk on me from head to foot, stopping on my knees, my waist, and my head, all places where it was uncomfortably painful to have that much weight pressing down. Dougy and Andy together weigh less than Louie by himself. (Andy – 10.25 pounds or 4,65k + Dougy – 10.56 pounds or 4,79k = 9,44k total) Andy just watches me, but Dougy actively tries to wake me up. When he walks on me, it feels pretty good. I can ignore it. The thing he does that does get me moving is the old sniff my face and tickle me with his whiskers trick that his predecessor used so effectively.

  1. Sounds like a busy day there and love this photo of Dougy giving you “the look.”
    I think all humans owned by cats know “the look.”
    I just go tup from nap and hubby andAli are still napping. 😀

        • When I was a college kid, I had classes in the morning or night because of the nature of my majors. (I had a three-way major in journalism, English, and advertising. Most of the classes in my major were at night and lasted three hours.) I got in the habit of taking an afternoon nap, something that I regretted during my work years because I always felt like a nap in the afternoons but couldn’t take one. That’s one of the best parts about being retired! Though I can’t always take a nap when I feel like one, I can take a nap most days if I feel a need.

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