Post 627: I get a white Christmas, kind of…!

There’s still some snow on the ground, with a 40% chance of more this morning and tonight, but as the Italian proverb states, “A thousand probabilities don’t make one fact.” In the meantime, we have old snow from an earlier storm, and it’s a bit melted. 

Snow where I park my car.

Snow where I park my car. One of these days, I may fall on my caboose in the drift along my car. 

Snow down by the Central Park. (Not New York City...we have one, too!)

Snow across the street from the Central Park. (Not in New York City…we have one, too! Nice but much smaller….)

Snow toward the football stadium. )(Go Dawgs! Go Big Blue!)

Snow, looking toward the high school football stadium. (Go Dawgs! Go Big Blue!) Must be Christmas. There’s Santa! And a tank’s aimed at the brick house in the photo above. Peace on Earth, Good Will to All!

Looking pretty good, what with all that snow covering the Canada goose poop for which Laing Park is notorious is, well,  Laing Park!

Looking pretty good, what with all that snow covering the Canada goose poop for which Laing Park is notorious. Yes, this is snow at Laing Park! It’s safe for your children to play here at the moment because the thousand resident geese are west of town terrorizing some guy’s farm for whatever they find to eat there. Just stay off the spots where the snow’s melted! Ew! May you have a Blessed White Christmas and a Happy New Year!

25 thoughts on “Post 627: I get a white Christmas, kind of…!

    • Merry Christmas to you, too, Tina!

      Yours is another blog I discovered only recently. Always thoughtful and inspirational, it is a wonderful devotional for people who need a little sanity in life. (And don’t we all!) While I’m encouraging people to look at blogs I enjoy, I would be negligent not to include yours! I hope people reading this will check it out!

  1. We had a little snow and morning temperatures in the low 30s yesterday, but it didn’t stick. Snow reports go by elevation here. I’m at roughly 800 ft, local snow reported at around 2000 feet. January is when we usualy get snow that last a few days.

    • We got light snow overnight, just enough to give everything a lovely, undulating coating. Andy and Dougy stood at the open door (one of our little rituals after snow) and tasted it, tested it with a paw or two, but neither one wanted to actually put all four paws in it. My kitties are dedicated indoor cats, especially when there’s snow or rain outside. (They recognize snow as a form of water, I think, from their reactions.) I’m at 3900 ft. here, so snow is a bit more predictable!

      I only discovered your blog a short time ago, but I am enchanted by the idea of your farm and the beauty of what you do. I hope others will take a little time to reward themselves with a look at your blog!

      • Thanks for the kind comment, Weggie! It is a beautiful place, and we love eating as much of our own food as we can, as well as trading with neighbors. Eggs (when his chickens cooperate) are delivered by “The Egg Fairy” on his BMW 1150 motorcycle. Money is left in a prearranged location, and a carton of eggs magically appears.

        • Your photos show that! There is a lot to be said for growing your own food, and that is one thing I miss about the downsizing to an apartment. I keep thinking I should try raised bed gardening, but have limited space for even that. I’ll see, though. There’s a patio that might work if the raised beds are trays on legs.

    • We got a bit more snow overnight. The boys had to check it out when I opened the door to put out the trash, but the snow was right up to the sill. They seem to understand snow is water in another form, so tasted it, but didn’t want to put four paws in it! Dougy kept touching it with one of his front paws, testing it for whatever qualities he tests snow for, but he surprised me when he didn’t try to step out into it like he usually does. They are so cute when they experience the edge of the outdoors. You can tell they are curious and want to check it out, but they also know there are dangers out there, like TACO the tuxedo cat no one claims.

        • If there’s any dry spots, Dougy likes to go outside a little bit and sniff around. Andy just won’t go beyond the threshold, which is best for their safety. I keep tight control on Dougy when he wanders outside, and leave the door open so he can run back in if a noise or something frightens him.

    • I’ve enjoyed testing my German skills on your blog, and realize I have a long way to go before I can even think I speak, read, and write it! Ha! Anyway, for people who might have better German skills than mine, this is a delightful blog they should check out. Your Christmas riddles were especially difficult for me, though I could read a lot of the texts, except the localisms. (Thank goodness there also is a translate function for when I give up! Ha!)

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