Post 628: Andy tastes the snow

We got a new dusting of snow overnight, and the boys were, naturally, curious about it. 

Dougy stuck a paw in it, but couldn’t make a bigger commitment to drop all four into the new snow. I could read his mind, “Ew! I think this is just another form of water!” Poor baby!

andy licks snow_edited-1

Andy, however, decided to taste it! That’s pretty brave for him. He usually hangs back when I open the door to let the kitties see the new snow. 

8 thoughts on “Post 628: Andy tastes the snow

    • Definitely a smart kitty! (I still had to go out into the cold to get Andy’s blood pressure medicine this morning, so I particulary enjoyed catching and dosing him today! Mwahahahahahaha!)

  1. Temperatures are headed back into the teens and 20s next week here. We may see some of the white stuff yet! Our cats like watching the flakes come down, especially the big ones if it is a wet snow.

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