Post 634: Monaka the kitten learns to play

Japanese cat videos are a vice of mine, and the uploader of this video — Ametakan — is one of my favorites because she rescues cats and helps strays in a local park survive the vicissitudes of neglect and abandonment.

Was that cute or what!?

10 thoughts on “Post 634: Monaka the kitten learns to play

    • I ordered one of the “toys”, which turns out to be one of several cat (and a panda) banks. The woman who posted it rescues feral cats from a local park, and this kitten is her most recent one. She also feeds and provides shelters at the park for them (though someone vandalized the shelters). Anyway, I ordered one of the banks. If my cats find it amusing, fine, but I decided I’m saving my change from purchases in it, then giving it as a donation (the money) when the bank’s full. I’ve done this with funds for local food relief for children who need it, and the coins accumulate surprisingly fast. I mentioned my plan to my Japanese friend, and she’s delighted with the idea and is going to do the same with her change. As you know, shelter animals can become very good pets, so anything I can do locally to aid that process for local cats and dogs, even if just making small donations periodically, I will.

    • Thanks! The Japanese woman who posted this on YouTube rescues feral cats from a local park, and this is one of them most recently rescued. Her videos are generally entertaining, but this one was the funniest yet!

    • I checked Amazon, and it is available in several different cat colors (no black ones…rats!) and pandas. It also turns out to be a bank. You put the coin on the yellow spot, and the cat/panda takes the coin into the bank! I ordered one, of course. It was less than $20.

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