Post 746: a clever little monkey…!

It was bound to happen. “Someone” (AKA “Dougy”) figured out how to help himself to the little stash of wand toys stuffed in the end table. I didn’t think he’d figure it out, but the evidence is there!

A suspicious moment: I think I caught someone red-pawed helping himsefl to the wand toy stash!

A suspicious moment: I think I caught someone red-pawed helping himself to the wand toy stash!

“The door was closed last time I was over here, Dougy. Do you know anything about this…break in?!”
Dougy has nothing to say.

“Look me in the eyes and say you know nothing about this, Douglas James Thomas! I demand an answer!”

Dougy's silence speaks volumes!

Dougy’s silence speaks volumes!

J’accuse! Can I ever trust you again, Douglas?!”
Dougy maintains he is innocent…mostly!
“I’m just a victim of my cat heritage. I can’t help myself! Um…because they are there! That’s why I broke in! Because!”

I’m torn between wishing Dougy were less clever and being pleased he is so clever!

“Well, they are cat wand toys, you are a cat, and that’s good enough an explanation for anyone, my good kitty!


38 thoughts on “Post 746: a clever little monkey…!

  1. Ali says she knows Dougie is innocent and a small dog came in and opened it and got into things and Dougie scared it off.
    Love that adorable furry face in the last shot.
    Every time I catch Ali on the back of the sofa trying to climb the drapes, she looks innocent and watches the birds out the window, like I am going to believe she is looking up at the birds and not the drapery rods she loves to play with.


  2. Your posts always lift my heart a bit, Thank you. I just had to re-home all three of my dogs last weekend due to declining health. It has not been easy but your lighthearted post makes me smile. Blessings to you.


  3. ha haaaaaaaa Dougy has been watching Andy i think and more than likely sat there taking it all in and then he thought no one was watching then went for it!


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