Post 779: afternoon at the museum…and thoughts on a cousin

I spent the afternoon at the Sallows Military Museum yesterday, Wednesday, my usual day for volunteering there. Several people came in, which always is encouraging, and some were from out of town. Nice!

Some volunteers put 1000-piece puzzles together. The conference table works fine for that!

Some volunteers put 1000-piece puzzles together. The conference table works fine for that.

I used some of the time to read my cousin Sharon’s 2015 Special Beef Issue, a masterpiece of journalism and local history, if this proud cousin says so himself! Sharon is something else — a dynamo, a hard-working, intelligent, and thorough historian/journalist for this part of the Nebraska Sandhills. Though many people help on the annual beef paper, it largely is the work and effort of my cousin and a staff of one.

Fifty-six pages

Fifty-six pages. Sharon Outdid herself…again!

I turned to the editorial page of Sharon’s annual beef paper and got something like confirmation of why she missed decorating graves here this year:

“Sass and Sentiments”, Sharon’s lead editorial each issue.

Yeah, take a closer look at what she wrote in this week’s special edition “Sass and Sentiments”:

“…work hard — like ’till you drop…!‘”

Sharon sticks with a job till it’s done, which often enough is long after she should hand it over to someone else to finish.

She’s something else, my cousin Sharon! She views documenting the history of Grant County as a holy quest, something she must do, will do till she draws her last breath. She’s a Thomas. We’re stubborn as hell that way!



A fly got in the house yesterday, and the boys are having great fun trying to catch it. I’m fighting the urge to get out the swatter and end its miserable existence as long as the cats show interest. (Andy just about caught it a moment ago by the fountain!.Now he’s poised to pounce again. Good kitty!)