July 4th! Yaay! What’s With The 1812 Overture?

What do you think? The “1812 Overture” is a crowd pleaser, but it honors all the wrong things. Read this history of the piece and the Russia that inspired it and see if you agree.

Post 810: retro kitties…

I’m posting links to a few of my favorite early videos of the boys. Thanks to my cats (including the late Louie), I got back in the business of making movies, and it has been fun! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them.

Post 809: up-coming event of huge importance…

If you scroll down far enough, you’ll find a little reminder calendar on the right side that lets you know the boys are just about to have a special day. Yes, Wednesday, the boys turn the Big Four! 

I suppose I should plan something special for their birthday, yet I will just give them lots of scritches and love, just like every day. This is a bit of a heresy among kitty servants, but the boys are unlikely to realize Wednesday is anything but just another day. Let’s not forget they are cats! dougy 2

That said, they are dear companions, not “just cats” in my mind. Maybe I’ll buy some tuna. They love tuna water, though they don’t eat the fish, oddly. I mean, I should do something a little more special for their big day than just note it here, eh!?

Here’s my question for you: If you have cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots, parakeets, goldfish, ferrets, snakes, elephants, tigers, zebras, gila monsters, or bunny rabbits, to name a few, what do you do to observe their birthdays? Or do you observe their birthdays? Give me some thoughts on how you think I should observe Andy and Dougy’s fourth birthday.andy1

Dougy (top photo) and Andy (bottom photo) await your suggestions! Thank you!

Post 808: Caturday is for doing nothing much, and a lot of that!

Caturday is here at last! Time to bring out the Neko toy and get that chubby little Dougy hopping!

Dougy tries to be interested in his Neko toy.

Dougy tries to be interested in his Neko toy.

~ Patooey!! ~

~ Patooey!! ~

“I guess I have to play….”

Geez, Dougy! where's your sense of fun today?

Geez, Dougy! where’s your sense of fun today?
“It’s Caturday. Caturday is for doing nothing much, and a lot of that!

I guess Dougy knows better than me. I’ll put the Neko toy away now, but I guarantee he’ll come whining later, wanting me to stop everything and play.

Post 806: high contrast Andy…

~ Lick! Lick! ~

~ Lick! Lick! ~

“Watching you watching me…!”

Something smells interesting on the carpet...

Something smells interesting on the carpet…

A big yawn, hidden for politeness sake!

A big yawn, hidden for politeness sake!

Post 805: a cool spot for Andy…

Andy and Dougy know all the best spots to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. One spot Andy enjoys all year, though, is the top of the washing machine.



...dreams of mouseys and fat tweety birds...!

…dreams of mousies squeaking and fat tweety birds…!

All this dreamiung wears a kitty out!

All this dreaming wears a kitty out!


Post 804: Any old box will do…!

When I got my laptop, I tossed the shipping box on the floor. I couldn’t wait to get on my new toy!

It took the cats moments to examine the box and determine it was sufficiently interesting to occupy.

Dougy's in the box today.

Dougy’s in the box today.

Waiting for the Neko toy centipede...that is in front of the box...silly cat!

Waiting for the Neko toy centipede…that is in front of the box…silly cat!

“What did you say…in front of the box…?'”

“Well, you have to toss it my way. I’m not chasing it outside the box! Andy might take the box away from me!”

Cats and their boxes…!

Once again, I have a box I can’t toss out just yet. The boys eventually will get tired of it, but not for the moment.


For the record, you can see Dougy’s eye color clearly and accurately in the third photo! 

Post 803: high anxiety…!

Nothing seems more anxiety-inducing for Andy and Dougy than change. Today, there was change.

Brr! Dougy iand his brother Andy are very anxious about something. What could make them so anxious?

Brrr! Dougy iand his brother Andy are very anxious about something. What could make them so anxious?

Yes, every time I clean their fountain, the boys act like I’m taking their water away forever, and run around the room trying to follow me while I carry the dirty fountain to the bathroom to dump the water. 

I finally bought a second fountain so I could minimize downtime to how long it takes to move the old fountain out to the bathroom and come back to the dining room to put the clean fountain in place to be filled.

Even then, I have two little fuzzballs nervously watching the whole process, sniffing at the water jug, the empty fountain, me…!

I cleaned their water fountain and put in a new filter!

In the bad old days when I had just one fountain, the boys would do without water for maybe 30 minutes or so while I cleaned it, reassembled it, and refilled it.

In time, maybe they will get over their anxiety when they realize the bad old days are gone forever.