Post 768: Sox adjusts to being home again after being missing for 10 months…

Sox came home to a new companion kitty (Molly) and new circumstances.

According to my sister, “The cats are co-existing, but at a distance.  Molly is definitely the dominant one, which surprises me.  Sox has actually tried to be friendly to her, but she wants nothing to do with him.  He is afraid of her.  She is not happy with me either, and avoids me if Sox is in the room.  I put Sox in ‘his’ room at night, and Molly is most happy to sleep with me and have me all to herself.  Neither cat will touch the other’s food or water.  Hopefully, they will eventually tolerate each other enough to be companions when I’m not home.” 

Sox had a rough 10 months, and my sister's  made an appointment to get him bathe=d and groomed this coming week.

Sox had a rough 10 months as a lost cat…! Poor kitty! He’s lucky my sister never gave up finding him.

My sister wrote, “Here [is a picture] of Sox the day I found him at the animal shelter.  His fur looked rough, even after brushing it, but he still is a pretty boy…discolored fur, neglected grooming, and all.”  

Poor kitty! He definitely looks like a kitty that was lost 10 months in this shelter photo! My sister made an appointment to get Sox bathed and groomed this week, so he’ll soon look more like he does in this earlier photo of him at their old house.

I asked her to send me an “after” photo, which I know she will since she is proud of her pretty kitties!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

For anyone with pets of any sort, it’s hard to imagine what my sister (not to mention Sox!) went through for those 10 months. We are just happy her kitty boy is home again and that he’s safe again from harm.

According to my sister, “Sox already got on the kitchen counter, the table and into a wastepaper basket.  No change there.”

Home again!

What about his new kitty sister Molly? My sister sent a current photo of her, too:

Molly is the queen of the house. How long wiill it be before she and Sox are best buddies?

Molly is the queen of the house. How long will it be before she and Sox are best buddies?



My sister writes: “Thanks for telling Sox’s story in your blog…although the shelter named him ‘Bobert.’  Sox loves playing with his toilet paper toy on the hardwood floors, and has enjoyed playing with all his other little toys too.  He wants out all the time, so we need to be careful every time someone comes in or out of the house.  Now he gets into Molly’s food, since she has basically a wet food diet.  Both cats are very possessive of me, so we have a long way to go for peace in this house.  [My grandson] spent the day here yesterday, so neither cat was happy.”