Post 756: “Maybe he doesn’t see me…!”

Time for Andy’s daily dose of medicine, so we begin the game.

“Oh no! He’s over on the chair where he gives me medicine! Hope he doesn’t see me!”

“He’s looking straight at me…!”

“Hold steady…! Hold steady…! Don’t flinch now!”


“Rats! Here he comes! I’ll hide in the front room. Maybe he’ll forget about me!” Andy hightailed it off the chair.

Little Andy thought he was clever. Next time I saw him, his hind end was hanging out of an over-turned wastepaper basket — the one across from my computer chair, where I was sitting!

Dougy stood nearby, waiting for his chance to rummage in the trash, too, which was lucky because it helped me make positive identification on which kitty’s butt was hanging out of the wastepaper basket.

Not to gloat…well, what the hey?! Gloat I must because all I had to do was reach down and pluck shocked, surprised, and panicked Andy out of the wastepaper basket, then walk his scrawny little butt over to the medicine chair for his daily dose: He was not amused.

Most days I win the medicine game, and every day is a new adventure for cat and man!