Post 766: Ready for Freddy…!

We have an expression in my family: Ready for Freddy. No profound meaning, just that the speaker is ready to get on the road or eager to start doing something.

Today, the kitty boys were ready for Freddy to play with their cat toys, and we had a solid hour of kitty fun before they wandered off to take cat naps — which I hope are for the rest of the day!

Andy is ready for Freddy!

Andy is ready for Freddy!

Odd how that expression popped up this morning. I can’t remember the last time anyone in the family said it. It just fits the excitement Andy and Dougy showed to get going with their Neko toy play time!

Dougy always is up for play, but Andy went through a period before his heart murmur and high blood pressure were discovered where he was listless and not at all kittenish or playful. Seeing him tear through the living room to capture the toy before Dougy does is proof the medicine does its job!

Long live the exciting new toy!

The boys’ current favorite toy is this Neko centipede.

When both play, the boys take turns wearing themselves out, then resting while the other brother takes over the play. That’s how our play session managed to last the hour! With just one cat playing, a play session might last 10 minutes before the kitty poops out.

You may not believe it, but Andy and Dougy sometimes have spats where one or the other ends up whimpering and running away with his tail between his legs! With both playing, the Neko toy takes all the tooth and claw action, and we all like that best of all!