Post 811: more retro kitties…

Yesterday took us up to when Andy and Dougy were 10 months old. Today — why not!? — I add some more links for favorite videos of the boys, now all grown up.

16 thoughts on “Post 811: more retro kitties…

    • Taco was apretty cat but one that no one claimed. A neighbor took it on herself to provide him food, water, a shelter on her deck, and some medical care when he needed it. He was hers in every sense,though she never claimed him because the people who supposedly owned him never officially gave him up.

  1. Wonderful videos of the boys and when they were 10 months old they sure were fluffy-beautiful coats of fur.
    They are inside kitties right? When you let them go out and see the snow do they ever run off?
    I brought Ali in some snow in a bowl and by the time she was done it was melted all over her and the rugs and she sure had a blast.

    • Yes, they are inside cats. When Dougy sneaks past me, I have to watch him very closely because I think he would wander off , following his nose, if I didn’t! Andy is more timid, and I think he realizes the outdoors might have dangers for little cats. He doesn’t usually step any farther than to stick his nose out the door. I’m tempted to let the boys’ hair go long. Their groomer can cut it longer if I ask. It grows out rapidly between trips to the groomer.

    • The music is a piece called “Smooth Walking” by: Christian Marsac. It is one that was available for free use on the YouTube upload features. It had the right feel for the video, the right length, so I went for it! I got it from audio tracks featured there. Here’s the video it came on originally.

        • I usually note the name on music either at the end of a video (now) or in the comments below the video when you open it up on YouTube. SOme of the earlier videos have pieces I don’t know the names of because I didn’t note the names anywhere, but most with music are marked as noted above. We lucked out this time! I noted it in the comments below the video. I’d never seen the original video featuring this music, but it popped up when I typed in the name and artist in the YouTube search box. That was kind of interesting to me! (I think my use was moire interesting, but I’m biased!)

          • I was very tired and had to get up early today … so yes, I enjoyed that music very much – it always calms me, I get sleepy – and when I go to bed not even the actual heatwave can stop me from falling asleep.

          • We’re in a heatwave right now, too. I turn on the air conditioner during the day to be comfortable, but it cools down enough at night that a fan takes care of the heat issue while I sleep. Our public radio station has jazz programs that are excellent, and I like to drift off to sleep listening to that myself!

    • Considering your potential subjects, you’d never run out of amazing and beautiful things to make videos of! The only bad part about videos is the time they take to process. I try to edit in camera, tell the story without having to post edit the video, but when one is dealing with animals…! Anyway, it’s been fun doing videos of the cats and getting back into film making for me. I enjoyed it a lot when I was in the US Army (where I also tried to edit in camera as much as possible- it;’s a good practice). In your case, equestrian events would be a perfect time for you to do some video work. I often do screen prints from videos for stills, too. The coffee much with Dougy in a box, smug look on his mug, came from the new box video. The photo heading this blog came from the “Kitten Wars IV” video. At that stage of their lives, I would have had a hard time getting that good a double shot of them in a photo, so I was pleased to have that option from my video.

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