Post 818: nabbed nipping ‘nip…

The boys looked like they needed a diversion. [Editors note: The kitties were getting into the trash cans again, knocking them over.]

What better diversion than catnip! Though Andy and Dougy don’t go crazy on it, they do enjoy it. Best of all, the trash cans stay upright for a little while till the ‘nip wears off!

“Hey, Dougy! There’s ‘nip here!”


Dougy finds Andy fascinating.

Dougy finds Andy fascinating.
“Odd. Andy has two eyes, just like me….” Dougy thinks.

In their own little worlds...which seem to be twirling...!?

In their own little worlds…which seem to be twirling…!?




Andy’s “high”, too.

22 thoughts on “Post 818: nabbed nipping ‘nip…

  1. haha…they are so funny! The way they look at each other…like…”Who’s this dude….I never saw him before…kinda looks like me but I’m more handsome.” Sis getys the same look.


    • Catsa are very specific in their likes and dislikes, aren’t they? Dougy doesn’t like the fresh leaf ‘nip, but Andy is very excited when I bring it out. Both are moderately OK with the dried herb, but I have to rub it in my fingers to bring out the oil or they seem a bit disinterested in it.

      • I have just about given up gardening in Florida. There just is no good season. I have some oregano, some flowers in a pot and another herb the name of which I have temporarily forgotten.

      • All it would take is asking me what was weed and what was herb. I had a pretty good herb garden going, with basil, oregano, mint, and a few other herbs growing in the plot. I don’;t believe in weedless gardens, which is part of the problem. Weeds help loosen the soil and add their nutrients back into the soil later on. They help keep watering needs down. Unfortunately, I live in a place where people are rigidly tied into old ways of gardening, using chemicals and noisy machines to “tame” the earth. NOT my style!

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