Bonne Fête Nationale à tous les Français!

A special greeting to my friend Ralph in Paris on this holiday and to my friend Michel in Amiens! Need I add a hearty and heartfelt vive la France!?

Post 823: OK…so I spoil ’em rotten!

They may be domestic kitty cats, but they maintain a wild side as well. Among their wild behaviors is “denning”. Kitties like to hide and seek safety in dens.

Snug as a bug...

ANDY: Snug as a bug… an over-turned wastepaper basket!

…in his over-turned wastepaper basket!

Andy especially likes this one, so I now have one less wastepaper basket and one more kitty den.

Oh well! It looks nicer than a cardboard box, and Andy proclaims it fit for a kitty.