Post 824: …in which I attempt to “Trump my cat”!

Andy gets the poochy mouthset right, anyeay!

Andy gets the Trump poochy mouthset right anyway!

No doubt about it. When I saw the first “trumped” cat, I knew I had to “trump” Dougy. Dougy provided the hair for the toupee, too, another reason he seemed the logical choice.

I failed to take into account a quirk of Dougy’s, however: He likes to eat hair, and I couldn’t get the “toupee” placed on his head for the photo because he was determined to eat the dang thing!  

Too bad, too, because Dougy is my funny cat. But I have two cats, eh, so poor serious little Andy got “trumped”.

This is harder than I anticipated.

Andy was not amused.


Follow the link below to photos of other people’s trumped cats. Some are quite good, and all are better than what I managed. How about you? Have you tried to trump your cat yet?