Post 860: relaxed…on this Caturday morning!



26 thoughts on “Post 860: relaxed…on this Caturday morning!

  1. Not a bit bashful are you? Somebody could come along and poke you in the tummy. We never lie like this around the house cause we don’t want to get poked. Only when mom is stroking us in our bedroom do we fall over and show our private parts.



    • Strangely enough, both Andy and Dougy plop down right in the middle of the traffic zones in the house — doorways, walk ways — and get comfortable. I shuffle around at night in case there’s a kitty on the floor where I’m about to step. Dougy is notorious for blocking doorways, and he just looks up at me like “you can step over me because I’m not moving….” And he doesn’t!

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