Post 869: Facebook follies…

If you stop by to visit me on Facebook, this is the heading you see:facebook

The thumbnail photo is of Dougy and the larger one in the background is Andy. You’d kind of expect this from me, eh?!

Facebook regularly features goofy things that amuse, I suppose, but really fall short in many respects. I mean, there are people who “play” these things and think there is some legitimacy to the results.

Here’s one that uses your profile picture for entertainment purposes. Since my profile picture is of Dougy (not a junior…!), the outcome is seriously goofy. For example, these two looks at Dougy:


I can pretty much guarantee what kind of kitty Dougy is, but he’s no Einstein….!

Here’s the best one, though, and I was pleased others got into the spirit of things and added an appropriate and more credible look at Dougy “100 years ago”:

100 years ago