Post 993: It’s 14°F out — a good day to shave the cats!

Andy's new haircut.

Andy and Dougy are on a schedule to get trimmed every other month. Unfortunately for them, this time landed on one of the coldest days of the season so far. Poor babies!

On the other hand, they were good boys once at the groomers, and, apparently, no problem for Athena to trim. Whew! Cat groomers aren’t that common. One truly needs to appreciate anyone who does it, let alone does it well. The boys are lucky that their groomers are both!

Dougy looks equally cute. In time, I’ll get a photo of him to post, too, but he’s napping after their long day at the groomers.


18 thoughts on “Post 993: It’s 14°F out — a good day to shave the cats!

  1. So they stayed till they were trimmed! 😮
    That would have been a challenge for me if I had to get Coco trimmed. Thank goodness, she is with a short coat.
    That is a good sign that the boys have been behaving well for 2016!
    Happy New Year Doug.
    I am catching up now…


    • If the boys didn’t mat badly with natural length hair, I’d love to leave them shaggy. I think they both look cuter than heck with long hair. Dougy likes being brushed, which helps with the mats, but Andy has a lighter, less dense coat. I think his resistance to being brushed stems from that. For that reason, though, he gets really bad mats.


      • I’d do the same as you and get the fur trimmed. Specially the butt area. They couldn’t help but get that thar stuff on themselves. Kali loves a brush but Shoko, not so much. If I pull on her fur she turns around with her mouth open so I guess that is my warning….if I don’t pull on her fur, she’ll put up with it but she doesn’t look like she’s enjoying it.


      • Yeah, the hygienic trim around the butt was the primary reason I started getting them trimmed in the first place. When they were kittens, up through their first half year, I had to give them several poop baths to deal with poop trapped in their butt fur. Yuck! “Finger manipulation” is the process I had to use on Dougy especially since he has denser fur that seemed to trap the biggest ones….!


      • Eww….even butter wouldn’t work in that situation. I use to swear by butter and its effectiveness til I used it on Kali and she kept sitting down so I had stinky stuff and greasy butter smears in different areas of the house. That was not fun!


    • I know what you mean! Fortunately (for the boys), their groomer not only suggested the teddy bear cut instead of the extreme lion cut I requested the first time I took them in, she did the style, it looked cuter than heck on them, and that’s what we’ve had done since.


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