Post 992: pretty boy…

I personally think Andy is the prettier of the two brothers, though Dougy is the generally more out-going one. Even as kittens, Andy was restrained; Dougy was off on adventures, following his nose.

My pretty boy Andy!

My pretty boy Andy!


31 thoughts on “Post 992: pretty boy…

      • You know them way better than I ever will so I defer to your judgement. Dougy seems to be a character kitty and I love that. Shoko is a character whereas Kali is loving, pretty and always available for a cuddle but not Shoko. She doesn’t cuddle, she plays and investigates. Shoko will try on clothes where Kali gets right offended when I pull a bit of clothing out. She jumps up, gives me a dirty look and starts out of the room, turns back and gives me a “die like NOW” look.


      • Interesting how different they can be, isn’t it?! I’d say you picked up on they two personalities here. Andy is becoming more of a cuddle kitty, which is nice because he is (as is Dougy) cashmere soft and just right for cuddling on a cold winter day!


  1. None of my business but I would say it would probably be best not to let the other brother know that one of them is a favorite. Animals can sense things with far greater accuracy than we humans can — by up to a Thousand times more intensely according to some claims.


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