Post 1803: take a look now…


Andy and Dougy are scheduled to be groomed this coming Wednesday. For the time being, the kitty boys (Dougy, above) look like they weigh 25 lbs.//11,4kg, they have so much hair.

Stay tuned for the new kitty boys after Wednesday morning! I’ll try to get photos of the post haircut kitty boys when I bring them home.

You need to be aware they will look dramatically different!

Countdown to Wednesday begins…NOW!

Post 1736: Andy’s new watch post…


Andy’s well aware why I’m coming into the guest bedroom now: To catch him to give him his medicine! And his new strategy is to hide out on the nightstand in the farthest corner of the room, presumably to give him additional time to run away. Poor little guy. I don’t want him to fear me…

…so I have my own strategy! I go in there periodically during the day to just talk calmly with Andy, tell him what a good boy he is, then “skritch” and pet him till he is all relaxed and purring. 

It isn’t obvious in the photos, but Andy is purring up a storm. He has a surprisingly loud and deep purr for a little guy. It makes me happy to know he is enjoying himself! 


I’ve used the opportunity afforded by having Andy captured to give him medicine to work away on the mats in his hair.

He is tolerant of me pulling them apart manually, though he doesn’t like being brushed. On the other hand, once I’ve pulled the mats apart, a light brushing helps sort out the dead, loose hair from the attached hair.

The end result is Andy now is as  silky and sleek-looking as his brother! Little by little, when I stroke the kitty boys, I feel little mats, pull them apart while they are easily dealt with, and they and I feel better about things! I suspect Andy might even tolerate brushing more since there’s less tangled hair to snag and pull in the brush.


Dougy protested he wasn’t getting enough attention in the blog this week, so here’s something for the Dougy fans! (He has cat fuzz on his face and has been snooping to find out what Andy and I were doing over here – I brushed Andy by this lamp today.)


Post 1696: looking and waiting for Andy…

Dougy’s picking up on me being anxious for the phone call telling me Andy’s ready to be picked up. His first clue something was afoot, of course, was when I cleaned up. It usually means I’m headed out when I put on socks and shoes! 

Andy didn’t show up outside the back window, it seems…, so Dougy moved to a scratching board to catch Andy when he walked by from the guest bedroom.

No better luck! He looked and looked toward the bedroom. What’s up? Andy usually comes by…!


Not much better for me. I picked Dougy up and located a mat. I untangled it somewhat, then this small remainder came off in my fingers. Neatly “tied” around a bundle of his soft, under arm air, this would grow and grow if not pulled apart, trimmed off, or pulled off the affected kitty boy.

Dougy does not approve!

Whew! Dougy and I are really running out of time uses till we get the call telling us Andy can come home. Pulling mats off Dougy, indeed! 


(left) Andy last Thursday… (right) Andy when I brought him home 3rd April 2018!

Andy and Dougy spent several minutes sniffing each other, as I suspected they would. Andy helped himself to water at the water fountain, Greenies, and the litter box. Then he started hopping onto various favorite vantage points.

Both he and Dougy were fascinated with the smells on the carrier, which I left at the clinic. Dougy hopped into it, and Andy started to, then decided he’d rather perch on top of it since I’d stacked it again on top of another one, making a return of one of Andy’s all time favorite spots to perch and keep track of Dougy!

Andy’s blood pressure is down around 120 systolic, having been over 190 when I took him in. He seems cured of his urinary tract infection and the diarrhea.

All in all, Dougy and I are happy to have our little guy back home again, and he is quickly making himself at home again here! 



Post 1694: Wee Andy’s much better!




Dougy and I try to keep our daily routines, though Andy’s always on our minds.


I visited Andy at the animal clinic yesterday after dialysis. He looked much better and his veterinarian told me he was doing much better, too! His blood pressure is down nicely, thanks to the new blood pressure medication, and is expected to improve more by Monday, when we likely get to bring him home.

I made sure I got Andy’s scent on my hands, petting him and running his “fab” tail through my hand several times. Dougy was interested and excited when I came home and let him smell my hands till his curiosity about his brother was sated!

We both miss Andy. The main concern is he’s better and closer to coming home!


Post 1690: trimmed or not trimmed…


Thanks to scheduling issues, the kitty boys haven’t been trimmed since…I can’t remember. (September 2017? July 2017?) For the many new people following Andy and Dougy’s exploits, I think you might be amused to see what they look like trimmed up. It will be July before they can get in again, and they will be very hairy by then!

Quite a bit different, eh?! The last video shows Andy after the first haircut the kitty boys got. The groomer recommended a teddy bear cut the next time I took them in, and that’s been the standard since.

Post 1669: Andy on high alert…


“Horns” up, a look of such intensity you want to look away from Andy, but…


…it’s just a prelude to a vigorous daily grooming session.

Post 1668: You go, kitty!


Wow! Andy’s really going for the it! Clean that ruff, kitty!

Post 1667: Dougy likes/ dislikes brushing.


The longer my Persian kitty boys’ hair grows, the more they need brushing. Dougy generally love, love, loves it, and will hop up on his ottoman to be brushed when I pat the ottoman three times. 

I usually catch mats early enough that I can pull them apart with my fingers, then brush out the spot to get any loose hair. Sometimes, though, I miss the mat and snag it with my steel-toothed grooming comb. That upsets Dougy, reasonably enough! See his tail after the latest “incident”! 


Post 1589: Dougy’s bum is clean, too!

Too bad the little video is too big to email from my smart phone because Dougy is hilarious when he cleans his bum!

Post 1587: clean kitty…

Being a clean Andy takes work! Andy spends several minutes on top of the recliner back making sure he is pretty in case company stops by. 


He rubs against the joint on the articulated lamp! I think he cleans eye snot from the corners of his eyes there or maybe just scratches his nose. Either way ~ ick!


All spruced up!

A little recliner foot rest time with me. Kitty quality time!