Post 1669: Andy on high alert…


“Horns” up, a look of such intensity you want to look away from Andy, but…


…it’s just a prelude to a vigorous daily grooming session.


Post 1668: You go, kitty!


Wow! Andy’s really going for the it! Clean that ruff, kitty!

Post 1667: Dougy likes/ dislikes brushing.


The longer my Persian kitty boys’ hair grows, the more they need brushing. Dougy generally love, love, loves it, and will hop up on his ottoman to be brushed when I pat the ottoman three times. 

I usually catch mats early enough that I can pull them apart with my fingers, then brush out the spot to get any loose hair. Sometimes, though, I miss the mat and snag it with my steel-toothed grooming comb. That upsets Dougy, reasonably enough! See his tail after the latest “incident”! 


Post 1589: Dougy’s bum is clean, too!

Too bad the little video is too big to email from my smart phone because Dougy is hilarious when he cleans his bum!

Post 1587: clean kitty…

Being a clean Andy takes work! Andy spends several minutes on top of the recliner back making sure he is pretty in case company stops by. 


He rubs against the joint on the articulated lamp! I think he cleans eye snot from the corners of his eyes there or maybe just scratches his nose. Either way ~ ick!


All spruced up!

A little recliner foot rest time with me. Kitty quality time!

Post 1532: Andy’s “fortress”!

Andy found a piece of paper on the floor. It is just the right height (.002 inch or .005mm) to perch on and defend from! Of course, other important kitty boy business happens at that staggering height, too: feeling safe, Andy takes a kitty bath! Later, he came over to me to hint for “scritching”.

Post 1531: Saturday’s two posts and fat or slim?

Sometimes I mess up and post two times in one day. Sunday’s post was supposed to be Post 1530, but I accidentally scheduled it to post at the same time as Saturday’s post. Oh well! Dougy is up early today, but Andy’s sleeping, so the photo above is about it for kitty boy action photos today!


It was  big relief finally getting the kitty boys in for trimming, and they are more active for lack of all the mats and hair. In shots before the trim, you can see how all that hair makes the kitty boys look fat when, in fact, they are slender kitties.

BEFORE: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

AFTER: Dougy (left) and Andy (right)

I know some of you will prefer the fluffy versions of the kitty boys over the shorn, but they grow their hair out amazingly fast.

I do admit that their Persian heads look amusingly out of proportion for the time being. On the other hand, the groomer leaves their handsome kitty tails unscathed, which pleases my tail-proud kitty boys!

Post 1526: Upset kitty!

I got this much fluff off of one side of Dougy’s butt. I also managed to reduce the matted hair there significantly. Only problem: Dougy had to endure some discomfort. He’s “finishing” the job in the photos above, licking down the fur I ruffled with the dematting comb.


Yes, Dougy’s upset!

Post 1524: getting attention…

Doug likes me to brush him. It’s quality time for the two of us and his fur is so thick, he can’t effectively get down to the undercoat.

Of course, when Dougy’s getting all the attention, Andy has to be resourceful to get his share. Here he holds a chair up with his teeth. Smart kitty!

Post 1436: poor Dougy…


These days poor Dougy hides in the dark. He hates dematting! It hurts! He protests, but it has to be done. I try to minimize the time spent each day dealing with his mats because I feel bad when I fail to remove the mats without hurting poor Dougy. 

The torture tool, the upset “victim”, and the output! Part of the problem is Dougy loves to be brushed, but he always rolls over on his right side a short time after I begin.

Guess which side has no mats. Yes, the left side, the one that gets brushed the most!

I have to find a way to brush Dougy’s right side more so the mats he hates having combed out don’t form. At this point, I think I’ll have to start holding him on my lap to brush the right side of his body.

Long-haired cats  are beautiful, but they have to have their regular grooming! And Dougy’s undercoat is especially thick….