Happy Birthday Anna

Not only did Mr. Bowie the Belgian cat have a birthday today, so did another favorite Internet cat, Anna, one of the Oldcat household. Rhea and Davout, two other beautiful cats make up the rest.

Both this blog and Mr. Bowie’s are great fun to follow if you enjoy cats!

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anna

    • They turn five years old on July 1st of this year. They were born on Canada Day 2011. I should do something special on their birthday, Michel, but I am terrible about celebrating pet birthdays. I don’t even celebrate my own in any special way. (I do give myself a nice present of something I wanted but couldn’t justify by price or something. In past, that’s usually been really nice books.) The kitties also have lots of toys they played with for a short time then got bored with. I probably will give them extra kitty treats instead of toys, if anything.

        • Just a few “Greenies”, a small bit-sized snack that helps keep their teeth clean, Michel. All I have to do to bring them from anywhere in the house is to shake the “Greenies” bag. Apparently, the treat is quite tasty!

    • That they are! I look forward to ready each day’s blog and enjoying the kitties’ human’s superb kitty photography. She is very talented, I think, and manages to capture so much of her kitties’ personalities in each photo.

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