Post 1050: cats and computers…

I truly want this to be more about my kitties than about the woes of my computer and laptop, but I think I can say the latter are taken care of now, so we can concentrate of the fun things, namely Andy and Dougy!

There is a line in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s THE GREAT GATSBY, if I recall it correctly, that goes something about the past receding into the future. It comes at the end of the novel and sums up where I am today with my computer and laptop: After “upgrading” to Windows 10, all hell broke loose, with “fixes” made to make the two functional again. The final (I hope) “fix”is I had to go back to a plug in mouse on the laptop and a plug in mouse and keyboard on the PC. We had to go back to less desirable technology to catch up with the new!

Now for the things you come here to see: Andy and Dougy!

If you are sleeping on the floor, it's better if it's right in the way, Dougy!

If you are sleeping on the floor, it’s better if it’s right in the way, Dougy!

Andy sneaks a peek from behind the all-in-one machine.

Andy sneaks a peek from behind the all-in-one machine.

22 thoughts on “Post 1050: cats and computers…

    • No kidding! It was really getting on my nerves.

      Anyway, I’m glad I can post new photos of the boys now. Many of the old photos are new to most of the people following this blog now, but I know they are old ones. that bothers me!

  1. Computers! I spent yesterday trying to synchronise passwords on ebay, Paypal and Bidmate. It sounds easy, but they were all extremely reluctant to take any significant notice of my changes. My daughter, of course, finally sorted it!

  2. There’s always one that insists we work around them and we should be as quiet as possible. Shoko is the flop down anywhere sort here. Kali tucks herself in a corner or on the claw post, condo stroller…out of the way.


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