Post 1051: catching up and new kitty photos…

Now that I am back in business for photos and computers, I’ll catch up a bit on the photos.

My new VW Golf Sportwagen S. It's been lots of fun and the benefits perceived proved out.

My new VW Golf Sportwagen S. It’s been lots of fun and the benefits perceived proved out.

This is what I see when I return home after even a short time. Dougy prepares for a break....

This is what I see when I return home after even a short time. Dougy prepares for a break….

Dougy again.

Dougy again.

Dougy plans his break, but Andy just wants to see what's outside. He doesn't want to go out.

Dougy plans his break, but Andy just wants to see what’s outside. He doesn’t want to go out.

30 thoughts on “Post 1051: catching up and new kitty photos…

  1. I adore your Volkswagon Golf. I thought about a Volkswagon when I bought the Toyota. They are more expensive and I was told that getting parts in this neck of the woods may be difficult. I didn’t want to try this theory out.

    The boys look their curious selves. The girls are flopping around the house because it has been very hot for here. No one is used to it.


    • I have the only Golf Sportwagen in the county, and have to go to Rapid City, two and a half hours away, for authorized VW service. I’ve been there before (this is the fourth time I’ve owned VWs or an Audi, a member of the VW family of cars), and it would be a problem if I didn’t have family in Rapid City .

      • We would have to go to Vancouverto get it fixed…that’s 1,000 km. It takes 10 hours to get there. We have some family there but I’m happy seeing them occasionally. Don’t need the hassle of being dragged into family in fighting I hardly ever see my brother. He lives in the mountains. Went there once and the road scared the bejeebers out of me.


    • Thanks! It is surprisingly comfortable for a small car with a short wheel base compared with the big American car I trade in on it. The seats are very supportive and have lots of adjustments you can make to personalize them. I like the style inside and out.

      I think Andy and Dougy would be good hunters if I let them outside. That’s another reason I don’t let them outside. Birds have enough hassles surviving without being hunted by kitties!

    • Yes, and since I don’t eat or let others eat in the car or smoke any more or let others smoke in my cars, the new car smell stays around for years! The seven year old Chevy I traded in still had a light scent of a new car, for example.

  2. I adore your new car and the blue color is magnificent. The last car I owned was a VW Bug (Super Beetle) and I got more than 250,000 miles on one engine and the car just died in the driveway from rust after about 6 or 7 years. I loved that thing and haven’t owned a single car since. Do your kltties ever go for rides with you?

    • The photo gives the wrong impression. It’s actually a black car. I certainly hope i have better luck on the rust front than you did! Anyway, I’ve always liked small German cars, and this is the fourth one I’ve bought, making half of the cars I’ve owned small German cars.

    • It feels solid and looks well put together. I’m enjoying it so far! Yeah, it’s good to be able to post new photos of the boys, though people new to the blog (most people) probably haven’t seen most of the old ones before.

    • I’m anxious to take the cats in their carrier in it. Dougy is a whiner and doesn’t like to ride in the carrier or in the car, but he also knows to save his breath until there’s an audience. Since they’ll ride in the back of the car, I wonder if he’ll take it like a big kitty now…! Probably not! Yeah, I’m enjoying the new car!

  3. That looks like a nice car, Doug!

    The boys look good. Many interesting things outside that open door to investigate if Dougy could only get at them… : Good thing Andy just wants to see what’s out there, or you would really have your hands full. 🙂

    • It is a nicely thought out one, too. I had the first generation (called a “Rabbit” in the USA) Golf, and it was not ready for sale it had so many quality issues. The quality on this one is noticeably excellent, and it is fun to drive on top of it all!

      Dougy will make a run for it if you aren’t paying attention. He doesn’t go far because he has to sniff everything he comes across. Of course, he’s always been my snoopy kitty.

    • Both are lots of fun! I’m very pleased with the VW as it turned out to be a lot easier to get into and out, plus it is easier to load the cat carrier and my walker into a station wagon than into a sedan.

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