Post 1049: thinking out loud…

One benefit of living alone (with two cats…) is I can think out loud and no one comes running to put me in confinement for my own good.

So, with all the computer issues since I got back from my illness and therapy totaling two months and one week, I’ve had lots of out loud thinking going on. Thanks for putting up with me while I sort it out.

I tend to have low blood pressure, but the computer issues seem to have pushed that up into “normal territory”. Yeah, that’s the positive of it all.

Barely restrained, Dougy gets his photo taken.

Dougy will continue to resist “wuv”!

Andy still needs his nose skritched. It doesn't matter to him if I have computer problems....

…Andy still needs his nose skritched. It doesn’t matter to them if I have computer problems….

38 thoughts on “Post 1049: thinking out loud…

    • Thanks, Michel! I hope so, too! I’ll have to try getting a video of the boys greeting me. They are so cute when I open the door! They do this for anyone who comes to visit, too. Surprisingly, though, if you try to pick them up, they dig their claws into the carpet and become very uncooperative.

  1. Your boys are just wee loves but you know that. I wouldn’t worry about talking to yourself. I do this all the time. I just say I’m talking to the girls. It can be embarrassing when I talk to my self while shopping. Peeps do tend to give me odd looks when I yoller, “Wow, this is a great bargain!.” LOL


  2. I think out loud all the time
    I have the best conversations by myself
    I can’t begin to say how much it helps me to problem solve
    Keep it up Doug
    Sounds like you are on solid ground to me
    Take care
    Just stay away from the dark corners of your mind
    The Sheldon Perspective

    • Thanks, Ruth. I think i finally got the problems resolved. I’m not happy to go back to plug in keyboards and mouses, but that’s what I had to do if i wanted to use my PC and laptop.

  3. I totally understand this one. I can take care of myself thank you very much and please stop trying to baby me. Sheesh. I sure do miss George. And then there is Chemo brain.

  4. good luck with the computer issues…I had a machine crash and lost most of my journals…they had gotten wet and my thinking was they’d be safer if I scanned them into my computer…oops, forgot to back up…and i’m always raising hell at my computer (and any other machine that don’t work right)

    • I understand that problem. I am terrible about doing frequent regular back ups. “Takes too long….!” I tell myself. Them I have a crash and kick my butt because I’m no longer able to pull up some favorite photo or other. WordPress helps preserve a lot of photos and does Pin It (for a couple places I use), but nothing beats a good computer file for easiest access.

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