Off to College

Remember Benji the pup? His interview by Andy and Dougy and their interview by Benji was a well-received feature of this blog some months back. Now, Benji is mostly grown up and starting education for a new job as therapy dog! How exciting this is! To see what he looks like now, click on the link at the end of this posting. There’s also a puppy photo of Benji for comparison.

24 thoughts on “Off to College

  1. Benji is such a beautiful soul, and will be a great therapy dog.

    I had a friend with a Hospice dog whom everyone loved. He finally passed on, and we lost our friend this winter from cancer. She ended up in Hospice herself. I like to think his spirit was there to help take her home.

  2. I watched 10 month old Benji on Anarette . He is a beautiful dog .
    However I did not find the photo when he was a very young puppy.
    The therapy dogs brng much comfort for old people who have to live in a home .
    In friendship

    • I can’t wait to see his graduation photo! He looks like a winner to me, and =, from how Anarette describes him, he has a very appealing personality that should work well as a service dog qualification.

  3. How exciting. Mom has been trying to get Kali as a therapy cat so Kali can accompany mom on her rounds at Gateway Seniors facility. There is no program for cats in this town and to even find a programme in BC is difficult but mom and her friend at St Jon’s are trying to get the proper info and be able to find the cats safe for Therapy Visits. Meanwhile mom is not allowed to bring Kali with her.


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