Post 1300: Thanks from my sister…

My sister appreciates the thoughtful comments you’ve sent on the passing of her cat Sox. She writes:

Thank you for the blog about Sox and thank your readers for their kind words of comfort.  Shannon [her daughter] said it must have been a tough decision to get Sox euthanized.  I told her that it was not, because he had been failing rapidly since Sunday and it was the best thing I could do for him.  I told her the tough part was taking him to the veterinarian, knowing that I would never see him again.  I am keeping his ashes, so he will always be with me and never forgotten.

…I wonder when the tears will ever stop.  I know you and many people have experienced the loss of a loved pet, but in the moment, one feels all alone.  Last night, when we went to bed, Molly kept looking at the spot where Sox always slept…at the foot of the bed, and she at the head.  The day before Sox died, Molly laid on the loveseat with him, which was unusual. I have a picture of them….  She may be feeling his loss more than I realize.  
Molly and Sox, his last day.

Molly and Sox, his last day.

27 thoughts on “Post 1300: Thanks from my sister…

    • Thank you. She needs all the hugs she can get just now. I try as best I can, but she feels sad every time she sees his toys, blanket, or the cat tree he wouldn’t share with Molly. (He was very possessive of his things!)

    • I told my siste4r about your memorial planting for Sox, and she writes: “That is very thoughtful of Lavinia and I appreciate knowing Sox will be memorialized at such a lovely farm.  He loved the outdoors until he was lost, but became a
      front porch or back patio cat after he returned, never wandering away from the yard.  Of course, I was happy about that.  I received a very nice sympathy card from this veterinarian and am looking forward to the return of his ashes.  Molly continues to nap in Sox’s personal spots, so I think she may miss him a bit.” I was pretty certain she would appreciate your kind, thoughtful gesture.

  1. I just logged in and saw your previous post. Heartfelt sympathy to your sister. The decision to euthanize a beloved cat is terribly difficult and painful. I still cry when I think about my lovely, wild Eliza, who left this world eight years ago. Time does help heal, but never completely.

    • I understand. My Louie the ginger cat died of lymphoma in 2011. I still think about him and miss him. He was a shelter cat of about five when he chose me when I walked by his cage.

  2. Your sister handled the situation with grace and always had Sox’s benefit in mind. This is one of the hardest thing we are asked to do for our loved one….I was a basket case when I had to do with this problem. Your sister is someone I can look at in the bad times.


  3. Sox will always be with her. They never really leave. But it does take a while for that awareness to cut through the grief. Molly might need a little more attention for a while. Animals feel loss, too. My heart is heavy with this loss. Blessings on you both.

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