Post 1313: Andy’s fine day, Part 2

Dougy showed up at the new box just when Andy began to enjoy the peace and quiet (that is, “lack of Dougy”) that allowed him a casual bath in this contested spot.



To review where we are in the story… ~ “Uh oh…DOUGY!

Yes, Dougy would show up at this very moment. He’d been taking his midday nap and it was time for him to explore for something to do. Hmm. There’s Andy in the new box. Dougy does what Dougy does: He challenges Andy for control of the new box!

Andy gives the box to Dougy with little more than a mutual sniff exchanged between the two. Good kitties! Of course, it has a lot to do with another opportunity. Andy saw the bag over by the little desk, and it needs exploration!

If you’ve followed this blog very long, you know that Andy’s “hiding” in the last photo. LOL! Many the times I’ve trapped Andy to give him his medicine when he “hid” under the guest bedroom bed but left his tail hanging out!

That warm day in February was very busy, I fear. I will have to leave my tale hanging out, but I’m not hiding.

To be continued tomorrow!