Post 1366: Peacock feathers and other excitements…

Like most kitties decide, the fancy toys have less interest than ones they create out of clothespins; pieces of crumpled paper; bottle caps; an unshelled walnut that fell on the floor; and other trash, broken toys, or found objects.

Andy and Dougy are no exception to the rule. Though they play with bought toys – for a time – they mostly like the things that cost nothing or are parts of broken toys, the parts they found exciting in the first place, if not the whole toy.


Yesterday, it was a fresh peacock feather…that Dougy reduced to shreds in one play session. (I note that he and Andy prefer the shaft end more that the more dramatic opposite end. )IMG_20170414_062819 (1)

Then there is a boring old toy (shown in this video)…

…that shows up in a repurposed form.

 Dougy not only turned the Cat’s Meow “mouse tail” into a new toy, he had to get on top of the secretaire to take it off the toy to do it!

He chases it if I play fetch with him, though he only brings is halfway back to me. (I hope to get him to retrieve it all the way, but halfway is fun enough for now!) Or he bats at it if I wiggle it in front of him.

(Andy waits patiently for his turn.)


Best of all, Dougy tosses the “mouse tail” into the air and bats at it around on his own, so this is a toy he can use to amuse himself when I’m not here or I’m trying to update this blog and he wants to play.

What about Andy? He’ll play with it if Dougy’s not around, but oftentimes, he watches from a “safe” distance, waiting, waiting. He’s a patient kitty!IMG_20170417_022606


16 thoughts on “Post 1366: Peacock feathers and other excitements…

    • Andy loves paper bags, but Dougy still likes boxes better. As for how they look, they are looking good these days since their hair’s growing out. The smoke Persian qualities start to show more. By the time they are ready for their next grooming in late m=May, they will be optimum. I almost want to stop getting their hair trimmed, them remember the mats and “poop bombs” that show up in their butt hair when they are untrimmed….

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    • I think you got it right, Greg. My sister’s late kitty, Sox, aggressively defended a toy, his favorite, that was made out of a toilet paper tube! My two are pretty much the same with toys they’ve made out of the darnedest things, as noted in the post today.

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  1. They certainly are an inventive pair, making up their own games, creating their own toys.It is handy when they can do that, since you aren’t always available for play.


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