Post 1579: “You still want to play with THAT?!”


Gad! That kitty food bag strip still excites the kitty boys, as demonstrated here by Dougy. It’s getting a bit, um, “germy”, so I will wash it down with hot soap and water before the next time we play. I hate touching the dang thing!




20 thoughts on “Post 1579: “You still want to play with THAT?!”

  1. Please excuse me highjacking your post …. But do you ever turn on an electric blanket for your kittybears? My two boys are huddled on the bed atop a heating blanket. It’s snowing here in Austin!!!!! Real frickin snow and is 33F!!!!!! 😼


    • I don’t have an electric blanket or heating pad. They do like to perch under lights for the heat (I suppose), but, being long-haired cats, they seem warm enough. At least, they don’t try to get under the blankets! When I’ve brought them under the blankets, they don’t like it and hop off the bed immediately. Maybe they get too hot.


    • That’s for your safety, I’m sure. I don’t let them play with it unless I’m on the other end of it because I am afraid they might chew off a piece and swallow it. When not in use, I keep it in a child-proof medicine bottle! (Are you one of those naughty kitties, like Andy and Dougy, who knock over wastepaper baskets to explore for something, anything of kitty interest>)


    • Amen! It takes a bit of faith in the kitty’s judgement and not buying expensive toys that look like real cat amusements but are just something they’ll be bored with in short order because they figure them out.


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